Use These Six Home Remedies To Treat Swollen Feet

Home remedies to treat swollen feet

Home remedies to treat swollen feet”

Swollen feet are a problem that many usually suffer from.

The symptoms of swollen feet include pain and also the redness in the feet. Due to the swollen feet, many find it difficult to walk and stand because the pain makes it all worse.

Swollen feet are mainly said to be faced by the people who are suffering from problems like kidney and liver, a diabetic person, excessive weight and also a pregnant women.

Well, it also takes place on a regular act basis too. And, to get rid of it use these helpful home remedies to treat swollen feet.

  1. Ginger oil

Ginger oil is best suitable to treat the swollen feet. It has an ability to treat the health condition e.g. inflammation as well. To treat your swollen feet; take some amount of ginger oil and massage it well on your feet even though it pains a little. Spread the ginger oil in the feet and rub it gently.

Apply it twice-thrice a day for a better result.

Home remedies to treat swollen feet

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