History Reveals Creativity As Savior In Crisis

reveals creativity

Whenever history speaks about the pandemics or epidemic it is always the artwork that reveals creativity in a crisis that describes the change and renaissances. The most dangerous time in which art describes the time of suffering and the results.


Smallpox, one of the most pathetic remains is the scars that brought in a revolution to make scars as a sign of beauty. French men and women during 1792, had to face it in the form of an epidemic. It was with the help of art that had to enable to spread of the new form of creativity. Beauty and facial makeup were with the designs or stickers of attractive patches that were introduced to overshadow the marks or scars that were caused due to smallpox disease.

reveals creativity

The beauty compared to dark or fairer skin reduced, both men and women adapted to the patches with different sizes. In 1700, deadly smallpox, the epidemic had given rise to beauty to scars with creativity during the crisis.

Bubonic plague

Bubonic plague, that is commonly known as the black death was fought with the help of art. When people started suffering from illness, unaware of their lifeline which saw another phase of quarantines and isolation in 1347. The tale of this epidemic is mentioned in the bible in 1411. Reveals creativity by paintings that described the status with jewelry and finest clothes, this epidemic had killed about 200 million Europeans.

The artwork and sculptures of the tombs indicated status, an important part of the renaissance in during this pandemic led to defining the condition and nature of the people. The pandemic driven influence of art and creativity was alive for more than a century.

Spanish flu

Spanish flu was the time when the pandemic had spread killing millions of people during 1918. The artwork itself was so-called “Selfies” that described the experience of the sufferers. The self-portrait of Edvard Mulch has been one of the great artworks in 1948, he was himself infected and expressed his feelings and symptoms in his painting.

In 1918, the incomplete painting by Egon Schiele which was about his wife, baby, and himself “The Family” is still an icon about the disease and suffering of the people. The painting remained incomplete because they died due to the infection of Spanish flu. The artwork during the pandemic was the self telling about the sufferers, the artists who described in their artwork, their creativity during the crisis.

reveals creativity


Covid-19 reveals creativity in crisis was facilitating greater artwork in form of music, dance, and paintings. While the place of music and art, in the parts of Europe and Spain had a great part which played in fighting against the disease during the epidemic. Poets, sculptures, music, and the major revolution is videos. When people started to dwell in isolation and shoot, isolated videos edited to one screen.

Music and art combined people of different countries of the world to stay home and stay connected during the epidemic that started in the month of December 2019, epicenter Wuhan. Revolution to music, education, and adapting to a new style of livelihood that started with Covid 19.

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