Health is real Wealth – Life Is Gifted Once In A Blue Moon

Health is wealth

Health is wealth – What is Health? Not to get deep into the scientific context of health, let’s say health refers to the condition when we fall ill.

Now the question comes, as in Why do we fall ill? Well…Well….Well.!!! We fall sick when our body’s defense mechanism weakens. This means that the regular function of our immune system is impaired. Our immunity is not able to mount its flight and fight response to protect itself. When does our immune system decrease? Our  immune system decreases when we have microbial invasion within the body. This microbial invasion may either be through the air, water or the food.

Health is wealth –

Health is wealth

Today we all so busy in earning a livelihood that we actually forget to live a happy life. We stress our selves beyond the capacity of our body. This overstress up to a particular stage seems to be good, but later when the stress limit crosses its bearing size, our body starts showing its anti defensive action. The obesity or Motapa what we call as of today is one of the effects of overstress. This excessive amount of stress drives us to the highest level of obesity if ignored for a more extended period. Perhaps the outcomes of the obesity are that you will end up eating tonnes and tones of medicines. These medicines if continued for a prolonged period even under the medical condition, may cause you liver problems. Now, again to combat the liver problems you may need one more set of medicines. As a result, you may wind your day with the regular intake of drugs which makes you dependent on them.

Health is wealth

Irrespective of the obesity many other diseases are known to go hand in hand with our stressed lifestyle. The more you ignore your health conditions and keep stressing yourself more, the more you will be an open invitation to the diseases and piling of heavy dosed medicines and the enormous medical invoices. This was about the health effects resulting from being over stressed. Irrespective of this, when you schedule your routine so tight, sometimes you may end up skipping your afternoon meals and sometimes even the night meals too. Or all of a sudden due to hectic schedule you may not find adequate time to cook and carry lunch with you. Possibly you may finalize on eating outside. But eating out doesn’t sound that hygienic as eating our self-prepared food.

Health is wealth

The lifestyle of today’s people can’t be altered however we can imbibe healthy lifestyles so that we don’t need to fall prey to those medications and street foods. Though we may not be able to cope with our stress today, we may find ways to distribute it into sections and introduce small breaks within it. This will give ample of time to relax our minds and refresh our body. Breaks between continuous work is a necessary factor to live a life happily and not just as a source o livelihood.

Health is wealth – Eat healthily and Work Healthier!! Life is gifted once in a blue moon. Don’t waste it earning just a livelihood. Live to make a worthy life!

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