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Nonsense Indian Ads – Peer pressure of constantly thinking out of the box can sometimes result in the crappiest of creations ever. Even the most experienced of the creative heads can sometimes come up with really silly stuffs.

The world of advertising is quite challenging with the creative keedas always on the peer pressure of creating something unique.

Peer pressure of constantly thinking out of the box can sometimes result in the crappiest of creations ever.

Examples of some of the #WorstAds ever:

I would like to start with #Tata global beverages product – #TetleyGreenTea

This is a classic example of taking the unique selling point of the product too literally.

The tagline of this product is the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard. Of course it immediately gives the message what the product is about but seriously, ‘Insidewaala snan’?

The creative geniuses coming up with the tagline was from the agency #Lowe. The ad wanted to convey the message of cleaning within. Well It didn’t have to be conveyed so literally.

“Insidewaala snaan”? Seriously?

Was that the best these creative directors from #Lowe #KeeganPinto and #AteetShroff could come up with?

They were even reported to explain this stupid tagline that over generations people have experienced bathing from outside but this is the new kind of ‘snaning/ bathing’.

Ask if it works? Well of course it works. All the news about Kareena Kapoor being the brand ambassador of this product would go waste or what?

When Kareena Kapoor says ‘Insidewaala snan’ who cares if it is sounding foolish or not?

Secondly do you guys remember the series of #ColgateActiveSalt ads that had super enthusiastic people like #LaraDutta confronting with the question “Kya aapke toothpaste main namak hain?”


Again the USP taken too literally and creativity went for a full toss. Poor guy in the ad looks in shock of not having salt in the paste.

I wonder what extent of pressure might have caused someone to come up with this nonsense!

The ads were actually a big campaign with ‘Koel Puri’, ‘Lara Dutta’, etc. playing the female reporters in series of such ads asking people if they had salt in their toothpastes.

And the latest with Kareena Kapoor coming and asking if the paste has lemon and salt

Last but not the least the ‘Nainamattaka’ song for the #HeroGlamourBike.

There is nothing wrong with the ad but the disastrous background score will make you wonder the extent to which creativity can go.

This is an example of creativity taken too seriously.

The lyrics are self-explanatory and hence I will write it as follows:

Tune maara light ka signal dil mera dhadkaya…nainamattaka laga re. Mann backseat pe bhaaga re.

Let me spare you guys and not even get into the subtitles.

Creativity is subjective and who knows may be these ads might have worked. I am just saying that such level of creative geniuses in the country, constantly thinking out of the box.

This is a highly subjective matter of what works but how come it has never occurred to anyone that ‘insidewaala snaan’, ‘nainamatakka’, etc. sound foolish.

Definitely there is scope to come up with much better innovative ways of selling products, isn’t there?

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