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Depression symptoms are observed at the age of 30 to be the maximum. The reasons behind the tendency to fall into stress and sadness are mainly due to the jerks in career and job. It is the period when they may suffer from relationship failures or stress. Balancing between relationship and work-life has also grown up to deliver a harsh period to the age of 30’s

Stress and failure in the work field as well as relationship together pulls down the confidence of a person. Dragging to difficult situations, as they undergo the financial crisis at a certain period of age. High rates of depression cases are raising at the ages between 30-40 years of age men and women.

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What should you do when you find depression symptoms due to life crisis?
First of all, at this age, almost all men and women complete their studies and are into the work field. It is when they are working and also want to or are already into a relationship. But a bad working environment or a new environment to a person can be stressful when he or she has to work professionally. Highly ambitious and expectations beyond their capability or competition cannot give them good mental strength when they find that they have gained nothing. Finally, they are in depression, which shows the initial symptoms of depressions are as follows:

Backache or Stomach-ache: Many of you may or may not have realized that you may be suffering from backache or stomach ache. In the case of men at an early stage of depression symptoms, they may feel the continuous back pain and you are not still aware that you are stepping into depression. While in case of women may have diarrhea and headache when they are at the start of the depression.



Difficulty Concentrating: It is a common problem that we lack concentration due to various reasons. It is related to likes and dislikes but in cases of depressions, the difficulty in concentration can be differentiated into the inability to concentrate despite trying to do the work. Generally, you may not one to do a particular job but can do another. During the depression, you will not be able to find energized doing your favorite job or hobby.

For both men and women undergoing stress is a common thing unless you lose yourself and find yourself depressed. How can you differentiate between short term stress and stress that will turn severe due to depression? You will find that after completion of work successfully even after a certain period of stress you do not feel happy or are relieved. You spend sleepless nights or you are always worried about something to nothing.


Stop biting your nails when you are in anxiety it will not help in overcoming through the depression symptoms of fear or worry and crisis that you are facing through.

depression symptoms

These symptoms may be common but it will turn to depression when you start to isolate yourself and do not want to talk about your issues. In the early stages, you can help yourself by talking to your close ones or family. Finally, if you are not comfortable speaking to anyone should consult a psychologist as mental health is as important as physical health to achieve the goals and success in life

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