How To Answer- Why Do You Want To Work Here – In A Job Interview

We tell you the best way to answer, why do you want to work here, in a job interview.

There are a number of times, when the hiring manager asks you the most predictable interview questions, yet you are taken off guard.

When the manager asks you why do you want to work at that particular organization, the answer is simple- because they have a job opening, which you found relevant to your qualifications.

However, you cannot answer the same, in an informal way.

After all the hiring manager knows the reason you applied for the job, but asks you the question to get a measure of your attitude and wittiness.

We tell you the best way to answer, why do you want to work here, in a job interview.

Why are you interested in the job

To be fair, you cannot extract every detail of a company while submitting a job application. Nonetheless it is important that you make the recruiter believe why are you so interested in the job. To make your recruiting manager believe you, during the interview, talk about the company’s accomplishments, or mention how, some of your friends who work there, appreciate the work culture and professional growth they receive.

Self-growth and growth of the organization

Though your skills and qualities were mentioned on your resume, talking about either of them in your interview, in detail, is going to do you a great deal of good. Think of at least two reasons why this job is a good match for you and why are you the best candidate for this job. Match your skills, strengths, experience, and background and tell the manager how can the company grow along with your professional growth, if you join the organization. Before you leave for the interview, make sure you rehearse on the thoughts, just like you’d do for a script.

Right or wrong

Frankly speaking, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. You as well as the recruiting manager know why you applied for the job in the first place. It was either the job profile, or the career growth you saw, that made you send in your application for the job. Your answer should reflect that you have thought about what you want and what can you give to the company.

Let your interviewer know that you’re being selective about your choices and are not going to take just another job offered to you. Demonstrate why working with this particular organization matters to you so much. If the company you wish to work for, is recently established, or still in the process of establishing, talk about the advantages of working there and demonstrate how your skills and experience is the best.

One way of answering– Why do you want to work with us, could be: – “Your organization is known for production of great products like, ABC. The feedback for the product shows how dedicated the employees and management are towards each other. It’s a reflection of a synchronous teamwork. It then struck me that this is the place I can fit in, and excel, which is why I sent in my application.”

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