7 Cell Phone Safety Tips That You Still Aren’t Following In Your LIFE!

Smartphone Safety Tips

Smartphone Safety Tips – I’m sure that there are many cell phone safety tips that you must’ve come across to. But, how often do you REALLY follow these tips. Or do you even follow them? I’m sure that there are many who don’t give a damn about these tips. But, others who are actually following these tips are doing a good thing.

Back to the one’s who aren’t doing it. The question is “why”?! No matter which Smartphone you have, in the end it’s all about using it in the correct way. It’s no secret that there are many dangerous incidents that actually takes place with people who are not keen into following the tips while using their Smartphone.

The whole point here is, you need to be very careful while using your Smartphone. And please, do not ignore the tips because it’s not a good thing to do after-all. These below listed Smartphone safety tips might not be new to you, but they’re just a reminder that it’s time for you to follow them in your LIFE.

  1. Keep a password

It is very important to keep your phone locked. Set a password or a fingerprint setting (option) that allows only you to access your cell phone. There are too many people waiting to snatch your phone while you’re walking on a busy road. So, be prepared and lock your phone.

  1. Don’t use your phone while it’s charging

I know your chats are interesting, but hold on. Give yourself a break and leave it alone when it’s time to charge the phone. There are too many incidents that took place where people died only because they were using the phone during charging. A simple mistake can take your life, so be smart.

  1. Keep your phone away while sleeping

Remember this quote “Give your body a break by keeping your cell phone far from your head while sleeping” by Andrea Fabry. Yes, sleeping with your phone under your pillow is not a good idea because it’s dangerous.

  1. Don’t talk on the phone for too long

There’s a reason people say that. It’s good that you’re in a relationship or there’s someone who’s there in your life and you can’t resist talking to them. But, remember that talking continuously for like 2 hours straight up is dangerous. So, kindly AVOID talking for so long.

  1. Don’t use the phone when the signal is weak

Yes, you must not use your phone when the network signal is weak. Have patience and wait until the network becomes strong. Keep it aside and wait. Other than that, use your phone for emergency only.

  1. Read the details when you’re downloading an app

It’s very important. I know you’re excited to download Selfie apps or any other social media app (we all are) but read the rules that comes up once you’re downloading the app.

Yes, you must read all the details and then you must continue with further options.

  1. Back up data

When the options pops up whether you want to back up or not, be smart and always back up all your data. It is very important even though you think that isn’t. Backing up data can be helpful in some unexpected situations.

So, always restore your data.

Smartphone Safety Tips – Follow these tips without fail. And, do you have anything to add? Leave a comment below.

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