5 Horrifying Accidents That Shook The F1 World

Horrifying F1 accidents – Racers and the audience alike are at the risk of suffering grievous injury while being part of a Formula One event. History has shown us the same, as here is a listing of some of the most fatal crashes in the sport’s history.

Formula One, without a doubt, is one of the most dangerous sporting events.

People, who love high speed cars, religiously follow the sport by travelling to different locations where the event is hosted.

High-speed auto racing, the phrase itself expresses the dangers that the sport brings to the drivers as well as the audiences. Though the sport thrills its followers with the dramatic overtakes and rivalries, the accidents are what make the existence of this sport questionable.

Formula One is open to fatalities and the event’s history has seen them many times. Young drivers with a zeal for speed losing their lives on the tracks with thousands of people watching can be an upsetting experience.

Here we take a look at the horrifying accidents that will leave you shocked.


Niki Lauda

This particular event dates back to 1976 and focuses on Niki Lauda, one of the most ferocious competitors of the era. It is the German Grand Prix taking place at Nürburgring, which is infamous for its lack of safety measures for drivers. Lauda urged other drivers to not participate in the race for the same reason, but lost by one vote and was forced to participate in the event. The weather changed after the first lap resulting in drivers changing replacing their tyres. During the race, Niki collided with another racer leading his car to ricochet off the fence and catching flame. Lauda landed in a coma and the burn injuries meant that he would lose a year and sport a disfigured face.


Rubens Barrichello

Rubens Barrichello was an up and coming driver. In the 1994 season, while representing Jordan in the San Marino Grand Prix, the Brazilian suffered a massive crash when his car lifted in the air and rammed against the tyre barrier with full force. The spectators and the commentators alike feared the worst for the youngster. After arriving at the scene, the medical team found Barrichello unconscious and struggling to breathe in the aftermath of the mishap. Barrichello, however, survived and continued racing till 2011, when he called it quits on the sport.


Tom Pryce

The incident involving Tom Pryce is arguably the most gruesome accident in F1’s history. He was only 27 years at the time and was involved in an accident that led to his tragic death. It was the 1977 South African Grand Prix when the Welshman collided with safety marshal Frederik Jansen Van Vuuren. The impact tore the safety marshal in half. The fire extinguisher that he was carrying landed in the cockpit of Pryce’s car, breaking his skull in half.


Robert Cubica

Robery Cubica, a Poland-based driver was subject to a massive accident on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve during the 2007 Canadian Grand Prix. During the race, he impacted with a Toyota car driven by Jarno Trulli, which resulted in him being thrown onto the grass. A hump present there sent his car airborne and his BMW went headfirst into the concrete wall. Surprisingly, Cubica managed to walk away from the crash with a sprained ankle and a concussion.


Ayrton Senna

The Brazilian driver Senna was the best driver that Formula One has ever seen. In the early 90’s he was at his prime where he rivalled against Alain Prost. While in the lead during the Italian Grand Prix of 1994, Senna, at 190mph, collided against the Tamburello corner. It resulted in his death due to fatal skull fractures.

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