A Girl’s Thank You Note To Her Single Father That Reminds You The Value Of Little Things Your Dad Has Done For You

Daughter Of A Single Father

To My Dear Single Dad,

It was a cold Sunday evening when I along with you entered in a pastry shop and there was another girl standing with her mom who was pampering her daughter a lot and I was fascinated to see them both, which was the first time when I felt that something is missing out from my life too and that is a ‘Mother’. But Dad, you suddenly started pampering me the same way as the mother was pampering her daughter. Yes, that moment I missed mom a lot but in the very next second, you proved that I am not alone here.

Yes, mumma is not with me anymore and society will call me a daughter of a single father but I would prefer to call myself a daughter of a Man who himself is a perfect pack of both mother and father.

While the world believes that no one can love a girl more than her mother, here you stand against this fact as a father who loves his daughter more than a mother can do. You never made me feel short of a mother’s love, I never truly thought that anything is missing out, you were best at fulfilling both roles and gave me a childhood that was as normal as possible. Periods, shaving, broken hearts, catty girlfriends– you took everything like a champ.

You never failed, whether it was preparing me for school or some party. The way you prepare me in morning, from making my braid and cooking my lunch, then rushing to work every day and coming out as the best employee, it all makes you my super hero.

You may not be my mother, but you surely are the best dad on this planet. I want to thank you for everything you did for me, Thank you for never being embarrassed about handling that girl’s stuff you had to handle for me, Thank you for never making me hesitate in front of you and thank you for never leaving my side. I promise you to be a perfect daughter and your best friend for life.

Growing up without a mother is something that no one ever wants, but growing with a father like you is the best part of my life.


The Daughter Of A Single Father

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