13 Exciting Facts About FIFA 2018

FIFA facts

FIFA facts – This year Football World Cup 2018 has been organized in Russia. This time, Kazan is going to get the most spectacular and interesting information. In 2018, all the contenders in the FIFA World Cup in Russia are in the ground with full preparation and zeal.

This FIFA World Cup is not less than a festival for football fans.

If you are also a Football World Cup fan then today, through this post, we are going to tell you about some unfamiliar, inescapable and interesting facts related to the Football World Cup.

I am sure after knowing this, your interest will increase even more for the FIFA World Cup.

So let’s move to know the interesting FIFA facts – facts related to the Football World Cup 2018.

FIFA facts –

FIFA facts

  • During this tournament, the coach is given a strict warning that he will not be involved in any kind of sexual activity during the entire World Cup because this could distract his attention from the game.
  • Because, this World Cup happens once every four years, so people come from all over the world to watch it live. You might be surprised to know that around 50 % of the world’s population sees FIFA World Cup.
  • According to the reports, the countries which have ever hosted the World Cup, there has also been a significant increase in the birth rate in those countries.
  • Brazil has hosted the most expensive football World Cup so far, which cost five billion.
  • In the 2002 World Cup, Hakan Sukur of Turkey had scored a goal in just 11 seconds. With this Turkey had defeated South Korea by a score of 3: 2.
  • José Batista has the distinction of making the record of the fastest red card in the history of Football World Cup.

FIFA facts

  • India was fired from the Football World Cup in 1950. It is said that according to the rules of FIFA the players had to wear football boots and they were not allowed to play barefoot. However, another story is also popular, according to which expensive travel for air travel was the main reason and India could not afford to travel to Brazil at that time.
  • In 1966 the World Cup trophy was stolen however it was discovered a few days before the start of the tournament.
  • Mexico is one of the teams who has faced the defeat most of the times in the Football World Cup Mexico has faced 22 defeats and at the same time its only team who has faced the maximum number of defeat in FIFA world cup.
  • FIFA World Cup did not happen in 1942 and 1946 due to World War II.
  • Egyptian goalkeeper Asam Al Hadari is the oldest football player who played in the FIFA World Cup. He took part in the World Cup until the age of 45.
  • The host country of FIFA 2018, has spent 43 million dollars on a railway for the better commuting of football lovers.
  • For the first time in 60 years, Italy has not been able to play the FIFA World Cup.

FIFA facts

Well! FIFA is one of the most popular World Cup tournaments in the world. Indeed, cricket is the life of the Indians but football is also not less interesting.

I am sure after knowing these interesting facts about the FIFA WORLD CUP 2018, you wouldn’t resist to watch it.

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