Are you Just Cooking Good Or Serving Good Too?

How to serve food – We make sure the food is cooked good and holds a nutritional value, but most of us ignore the idea of serving it well for daily meals. Let us find how and why should we serve each meal with an artistic touch.

“Cooking is an art, but you eat it too.” – Marcella Hazan

And yes that is true!

Cooking is the purest form of art that is identified  and accepted by all.

One doesn’t have to be an Art Connoisseur to appreciate food. But as they say, one tastes with eyes first and then with mouth, the food must be presented well for it to be savoured the most.

As much as the nutrition and preparation of food are important, PRESENTATION of food holds equal magnitude.

Some people, pay attention to serving the food artistically only when they have guests coming in, there is a party going on or they are in some cooking competition.

They do not pay that kind of attention to their daily meals. Trust me, if we pay just a little attention and give few extra minutes to each meal, we shall relish all our meals equally and so will the entire family.

Let us serve you a few points where we talk about presenting the food in a delectable manner, once you know that you have cooked a great meal.

Mind you, one does not have to be a master-chef to do that and one also does not need to spend too much on presenting the food well.  

Creating An Ambience

When it is the eating time, make sure you create a wholesome and fulfilling ambience by using some soothing lights around your table and placing fresh flowers on the table. Spray a mild room-freshener in the room. Make sure you arrange for colourful paper napkins on the table before-hand. If it is a night meal, you can always light a candle on the table (if feasible) or in some corner of the room. Your table must be an inviting territory and every one must feel delighted to sit there and eat.

Surrounded by freshness and laden with scrumptious food, it has to be the place where your family wants to be at, the most.



Serving and Eating Utensils

Be it a whole lunch or dinner, or just a evening tea-time snacking, if you use attractive serving bowls, plates and saucers to serve whatever little or big is being cooked, the gratification of that meal enhances manifolds. You do not have to go out of the way and splurge on buying expensive serving sets or cutlery to implement the idea. Just keep bright colourful or printed ceramic serving plates and bowls that are not too heavy on pocket, yet pretty pieces to look at.

Serve your food in love and lots of colour, it would be a delight to have it every time.



Garnishing The Food

When the food comes on the table in attractive bowls, it would look even more alluring if it is colourfully and charmingly garnished with attractive edibles. For Indian preparations, coriander and mint leaves, fresh coconut strips, fresh whipped cream, thin onion strips, salad strips are the most common ingredients used for garnishing.

You may also use finely chopped almonds or cashew-nuts, chocolate sauce, tomato strips and saffron threads to garnish your preparations, depending upon the nature, as to whether it is a main course meal or a desert.



Serving Mouth Fresheners After The Meals

This is the area which is ignored and does not hold a significance in most Indian households when it comes to daily meals. Whereas, this has to be an important part of serving a complete meal.

You can keep two to three different variations of mouth-fresheners at home such as, sweet mints, sweetened saunf, assorted saunf, dried paan, etc, which must be readily available for after meal moments, to enhance the pleasure of each meal for self and for your guests too.


Well, if you try and implement these small and very easy to use, yet, very effective steps  for your mealtimes, we are sure you will be an instant hit amongst your family and your loved ones.

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