All About Japanese Water Therapy To Lose Weight Without Dieting!

water therapy to lose weight

Water therapy to lose weight – Water is the essential part of our life; water is a basic element which is required for a human being to survive.

It is advised by doctors to drink 10 glasses of water every day so that the toxins are flushed out of the body and body functions properly.  All most all the nutritionists advise us to kick start day with Luke warm water, honey and lemon in it.

Japanese people also take water too seriously and practice water therapy to lose weight. A simple and easy process, when practiced methodically, helps in fighting many health issues and keeps weight at bay.

All about Japan’s water therapy to lose weight

Most of the body issues start when the stomach is weak, this Japanese water therapy cleans your stomach and also boosts digestive system. Traditional Japanese therapy insists to drink more and more water after waking up in morning. According to Japanese morning hours are golden hours, and in this period if more water is taken it soothes the digestive system and helps in shedding extra weight.

Japanese water therapy to lose weight suggests 5 things

  • When you wake up early in morning drink 5-6 glasses of water, each glass should be 160-200 milliliters on empty stomach. You can consume Luke warm or water stored at room temperature, you can also add lemon juice to it.
  • Drink water before brushing your teeth, also it is important that you do not eat for 45 minutes after drinking water in morning.
  • After eating every meal do not drink water for at least 2 hours.
  • Elder people suffering from any health conditions if you are starting this therapy start with one extra glass of water and increase gradually.
  • In the morning if you find it difficult to gulp 4 glasses water at a go wait for few minutes before every glass, this way your stomach will get a break.
  • This Japanese therapy claims to cure many ailments and help you in becoming fit and lead a healthy life.

Important points in Japanese water therapy to lose weight 

  • Walk quietly every day morning for few minutes
  • Avoid drinking or eating while you are standing as this damage’s the digestion process.
  • Chew your food thoroughly before gulping.

This is water therapy to lose weight – So, this was all about Japanese water therapy which aids in losing weight and keep health issues at bay!

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