These 5 Tips Will Help You Master The Telephonic Interview

We give you a lowdown into cracking a telephonic interview and turning the selection procedure in your favour. Read on!

In this super competitive job market, a number of technology friendly ways are being used by recruiters to hire employees. Telephonic interviews are being used by recruiting managers, as the only interview or as the first elimination round of recruitment. It is often noted that candidates undermine the importance of a telephonic interview and hence end up losing the first round. We give you a lowdown into cracking a telephonic interview and turning the selection procedure in your favour. Read on!

1. Same importance as personal interview

Telephonic interviews are of the same importance as face-to-face interviews. So take them with same importance and seriousness as you would have, for a face-to-face interview.This might include things like keeping your resume handy, researching a li’l about the organization and so on. Also, make sure that you’re not in an overly comfortable situation or room. This could make you sound very casual.

2. Discard distractions

Before you take the call, ensure that you’re in an environment where you can speak without interruption. If you’re at home, make sure that you are not anywhere near to TV or music system. Turn off the call waiting facility, so that you don’t get distracted when on call. Refrain from being in a place that might have a constant background noise.

3. Concentrate keenly

A job interview, telephonic or face-to-face is a way to sell your skills. Which is why concentrating is very important. Focus on what you’re being asked about and what is your reply going to be. You may want to fill in the pauses, so that your recruiter does not get a negative impression about you. However, do not rush into answering or articulating your response. Be calm and answer well. First impression counts on phone as well.

4. The power of attitude

Although, the interview is a serious process and should not be taken lightly, what shouldn’t be ignored is that, it is still a conversation between two people. Sounding too serious or too humorous could work for you negatively. So smile, lighten up and answer brightly.

5. Follow Ups

You might be very well aware of the way you need to end a conversation, while talking on a formal note. When it comes to follow ups, there is not much of a difference between telephonic and face-to-face interviews. At the end of your call, thank the interviewer for his/her time and make sure you pronounce the name of the interviewer correctly. Sound cheerful and welcoming.

Your qualifications landed you up in an interview and now it’s time to show your charisma, that makes you different from the other candidates. Pace your answers, make your professional attitude reflect in your words, and Bingo! You’ve nailed it.

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