The Do’s and Don’ts at the Gym

Here are some of the etiquettes to be followed while one is working out at the gym:

Here are some of the etiquettes to be followed while one is working out at the gym:

Wipe YOUR sweat!
Even through repeated warnings and banners around, most gym-holics forget to wipe the sweat released. Always carry a small piece of cloth or wiping towel when you decide to hit the gym!

Always have timed workout
If you are on a treadmill or a cycle, make sure it is timed. Do not cross the time limit set by the machine as there are others waiting in the wings.

Wear proper fitness shoes
It’s always necessary to wear fitness prone shoes to the gym rather than carrying your daily wear ones. Also, do not forget to carry a separate pair of shoes that is susceptible to training only.

Maintain a proper attire
Make sure that for working out, you have a proper workout attire ready. At times, uncomfortable clothing can disrupt workouts and be inconvenient.

It’s a gym NOT a salon
There are these rare categories that like to spend time in front of the mirror rather than the gym. First and foremost, always keep your workout as the top priority and then yourself.

Do not stare
Whenever at the gym, the most important thing is to avoid staring. Most people want to work out unnoticed. Saring makes people uncomfortable. So, if a person becomes aware of your ‘look’ then it’s time you should stop looking at him/her.

Don’t throw away the weights
Yes, you may have earned the status-quo in the gym but that does not mean you’ve got the rights to throw the weights around. Make sure that you put the weights at the proper place before you leave.

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