These Tweets On Work LiFe Are So, So Relatable That You’ll Say “Yes, I Feel You!”

Work LiFe Tweets – Not everybody’s #WorkLiFe is interesting & enjoyable.

I’m sure many adults are now laughing on themselves for once saying “the one’s who go to work are so damn happy & lucky.” Some, including me, wish I could go back to my childhood days and enjoy it.

Work LiFe truly sucks.

Honestly, some people right now are unhappy because they always have “Work load”, whereas some are irritated by their colleague’s behavior in the office. IF you think that you’re the only one experiencing bad days when it comes to work, then let these tweets prove you wrong.

These tweets will make you say “Chalo yaar, Koi toh hai mere jaisa same situation mein.” These tweets will painfully make you laugh as well.

So get ready –

I can relate to this so much – When you’re bored AF.

Work LiFe Tweets – I hope you’re having a good day. 

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