Office Workouts You Can Do At Your Desk And Increase Efficiency

Office Workouts

Office Workouts – Nowadays mostly people have sedentary lives which make them vulnerable to diseases due to lack of activity.

Sitting full day in front of computer without budging can lead to obesity, back pain, poor posture, body cramps, tense muscles, lethargic and several other hazardous health issues.

We all love our job but we cannot ignore our body also, right? The best way to fight against these adverse effects of 9-5 routine is exercise.

Here are some office workouts that can help you to improve body’s flexibility and strength.

  1. Carpal tunnel reliever.

Professionals who hardly disengage from keyboard can get the carpal tunnel syndrome. You can avoid this syndrome by doing a simple exercise every day. One has to stand at your desk, place your palms on the desk in a way that your fingers are pointing towards you. Lower your body to pressurize the wrist and hold in the position for 20 seconds. Do it for both hands one by one.


  2.  Desk push ups

Desk push ups are one of the best ways to fight all the aches. Place your hands on the edge of the desk and stretch out your legs behind you and push off the force as much as you can. Make sure that desk doesn’t get slide away easily as lot of force will be given on it.


  1. The desk chair swivel exercise

If you office chair is the swivel one then you can perform this particular workout. Sit upright and hold on your desk with both hands and swivel the chair from one side to another that will stretch your back muscles and abs.


  1. Wooden leg exercise

This exercise will help you to relieve your lower body pain. Extend one leg out straight and hold it for 30-40 seconds and then raise it little above and feel the pressure for few seconds and repeat the same with another leg.


  1. Deep breathing

This is one of the simplest yet effective exercises. If you do not mind sitting down, you can sit on ground, cross your leg with your hands on stomach and take deep breathes.


  1. For more simple desk exercises, you can check out this mentioned video.

These are simple office Workouts – How do you battle stress at work? Let us know your thoughts and ideas about office exercises at the comments below.

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