5 Ways To Tell Your Girlfriend – Mind Your Own Business

Things to do when girlfriend interferes

I am sure you all love your girlfriends and why not, they are lovable and adorable.

But don’t you think at times they intervene too much in your life which makes it a bit irritating.

Yes, it does and then it becomes difficult for you to tell them to mind their own business. Well, telling that straight away will make it rude and they certainly don’t understand it without saying.

So, to solve your problem, I have found out few things to do when girlfriend interferes and tell her to mind her own business.

Things to do when girlfriend interferes –

  1. Don’t worry about it, I will see

Say this line to her calmly and while looking in her eyes. Make sure you are telling it with an emotional voice so that she understands you don’t want to talk about it. And when she will understand that, things will be solved.

  1. I like talking about you not me

That is a master stroke because every girl wants to know that you are interested in talking about her and to her. So, when she asks too many question, say this line romantically and she will be flattered.

  1. You are already so stressed, don’t worry about that

Tell her that it’s not something she should worry about because she already has so much of stress. No matter what she does, every girl in this world is stressed about something or the other. So, bring that up and take a pass from your topic.

  1. I don’t want to burden you with my useless things

Telling her that what is going around you is useless and she is too precious to handle it is going to earn you a lot of points as well as take an exit from what she is stuck on to. She wants to know what’s going around is of no meaning so that she leaves the topic too.

  1. I don’t like to talk about it

Say this thing in an intense manner if you want her to listen to it and stay quiet. Telling it in any other way will make her intrigued of what it actually is. Don’t make that mistake and just catch her in the words.

These are the things to do when girlfriend interferes – Using any of these lines will help you out if you do it in just the way it has been stated. Otherwise, tell it to her straightaway and bear the reaction.


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