How to Make Your Initial Workout Days Less Painful?

initial workout pain

Initial workout pain – Muscle soreness is the obvious problem when you start the workout.

The initial days are really hard on your body but this should not discourage you. Instead, you should be more determined.

Here are some tips which can’t eliminate the initial workout pain completely but you can certainly ease the pain.

Initial workout pain –

1 – Icing

A cold compress is always helpful in getting rid of the pain. Icing your muscles for around 15-20 minutes every day in the first week of workout will soothe the sore muscles. It will also increase the blood circulation those muscles.

2 – Eating Right

Your body tissues get torn in the process of working out. Protein plays the most essential role in the recovery of tissues. Along with that, you need to keep your body hydrated. So drinks lots of water throughout the day.

3 – Massage

Massaging the muscles that are giving you hard time is the best technique to relax it. You can use olive oil, castor oil or any other oil to massage. You should massage for at least 20 minutes every day.

initial workout pain

4 – Heating

Just like icing, heating is also effective in getting rid of the pain. This will help to circulate more amount of blood in the sore muscle. It will contribute in recovering from the stiffness. Apply a hot pack or you can take a hot shower.

initial workout pain

5 – Epsom Salt Baths

While taking a relaxing hot bath, you must add around 200-400 grams of Epsom salts. This will relax the sore muscles and will also increase the blood flow in muscles. If you don’t want to take a bath then just soak a piece of cloth in hot water with salts and wrap around the sore muscles and joints that area paining.

initial workout pain

6 – Stretching

Post workout stretching is essential. You should always take proper time to stretch all your major muscle groups. You should never skip it in your workout routine.

initial workout pain

7 – Thorough Warm up

Skipping warm up is going to make your body suffer even more. You don’t need a heavy and complex warm up session. You can go for a light quick warm up. For instance- An easy walk would be good because it will increase the flow of blood and will make your muscles ready to take more heavy exercises and pain.

initial workout pain

These are the ways you can get rid of initial workout pain – So do not get discouraged or disheartened with the pain that you go through in your initial workout period. Try these suggestions and you feel much better and motivated within a few days.

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