These Are The Exercises Our Celebrities Do That Your Gym Trainer Will Never Ask You To Attempt

Exercises that our celebrities do

Exercises that our celebrities do – The thumb rule to exist in the glamour world is to look your best and rise above the mediocre.

There is always a cold war between celebrities in pursuit to leave others behind.

But nothing comes easy, ranging from acting skills and achieving the perfect sculpted figure, Bollywood celebrities always walk extra mile to achieve. Their Instagram and Twitter exercise video posts give us ceaseless motivation and people who hold utter contempt towards lethargy, hit the gym for keeping fit. There are, however exercises that our celebrities do for the body a particular role or look requires, our trainers will never ask us to attempt because those are bone-crunching to bits.

Many of you may have heard of the name of celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala whose fitness studio ‘Body Image’ is visited by Bollywood damsels like Katrina Kaif, Aliaa Bhat, Esha gupta, Bipasha Basu, Sophie Chowdhry et al. They exercises that they are made to attempt in Body Image rather look insurmountable to us. Then there is Sushmita Sen, the trend-setter and go-getter, she is the woman we all want to become. At the age of 40, Sushmita goes through a gruelling exercise regimen to maintain that beautifully carved waist she flaunts with pride.

Here are some of such examples of Exercises that our celebrities do :

Exercises that our celebrities do –

1 – Aliaa Bhatt training her abs:

Alia Bhat is absorbed by the beastmode here. She is made to do train her core by rolling on the floor and doing reverse crunches. It is not any easy as it looks, especially when a strict trainer like Yasmin Karachiwala is standing guard.

2 – Yasmin attempting the leg muscles:

Yamin is seen doing forward leg lift lunges, mountain climbers with pushups, Butt bridges, diamond sit ups and squat jump alternate floor touch in 30 counts each with 3 repetitions. This takes years of training to achieve such flexibility and not a common man’s bargain.

3 – Ronaldo doing Pilates:

The 5 times Ballon D’Or winner star footballer Christiano Ronaldo here is training his calf muscles and hamstring muscles by doing Pilates. Let us tell you, Pilates kills you and you feel the burn up, close and personal. Attempting Pilates is not an easy ball game, guys!

4 – Here is Alia Bhat training her abs again:

In this video, Alia Bhat is seemed to train her abs like a boss. Yasmin makes sure the exercises are fun so that one never gives up. Can you match Alia’s dedication? Think about it.

5 – Hanging reverse crunches:

Oh boy, simple crunches look like moving a mountain to us, and here’s this guy in Yasmin’s Body Image effortlessly pulling off hanging reverse crunches is giving us cold sweat. Totally overkill for us!

6 – Yasmin doing Pilates in Wunda Chair:

This looks promising and tiring in the same vein. Yasmin looks like she was born to do it. But wunda chairs are not a common sight in many gyms because it’s not our cup of tea!

7 – Make way for Sushmita Sen:

Lonewolf, as she calls herself, lives up to the name completely. Sushmita’s dedication is sky-high. Is it her body or elastic?!

8 – We give you Sushmita Sen again:

With those two hooped ropes, she makes her whole body sweat. Hands down!

These are the exercises that our celebrities do – We presume you too are bowled like us!

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