Watch: Poem By Arunoday Singh “What Remains of The Light” Is What You Must Check Out

Arunoday Singh

Arunoday Singh’s Poem

Alright, you might be confused after reading the title of the poetry. Right? But, before getting to that point, let me tell you this poetry was presented by “Kommune India” for their first performance in brand new Beat poetry initiative.

Just to give you a little glimpse now, “What remains of the light”- A beautiful beat poetry by Arunoday Singh feat Sidd Coutto talks about how we “humans” are in our lives and how we often think about the happenings that usually takes place in our life.

Arunoday Singh has beautifully crafted  the poem that define us. His enthusiasm makes it even more interesting and the beats make the poetry sound even better.

The words you’ll hear are initially the truth spoken and is wonderfully framed in poem by Arunoday Singh.

In this video, you will see how “we wish” we were something different that we are today in our life. A little more-that we always wanted to fill our empty souls. And, the moments and times we felt we were improved and better. Even though we feel we are the “lost souls” who are wandering- there’s something you still can’t miss.

It tends to give enlightenment that no matter how we feel such things in our life, but still “we are not really lost”. No matter what pops up in life, in reality we are all the “survivors” who learn and survive.

And, just to make it even simpler we all are only making up to live this beautiful life and things are just the matter of time.  I’m sure this poem will make you fall in love with yourself too.

Yeah, I won’t reveal much.

Just check this applauding beat poetry by Arunoday Singh and get your answer.

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