Best ways to EAT less!

One of the simplest ways to control your weight is often one of the toughest- Simply eat less!

One of the simplest ways to control your weight is often one of the toughest- Simply eat less! Facing the world, armed with a measuring cup and a tiny food scale can take all the joy out of eating as we suggest these strategies to eat less without even noticing:

Use smaller plates and bowls
It turns out, this classic weight-loss tip really works. Going a step further, the researchers suggest putting healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables on larger plates to encourage consumption and reserving smaller plates for richer, more fattening choices.

Use a larger fork
Researchers believe that the larger-utensil-trick diners tend to think that they are making more progress on their meal and eating more, though in reality they eat less.

Move healthy food up front
When you walk into your supermarket, you are likely to snap up the sale items at the front because they are the first thing you see. Turns out that the same behaviour happens in your home kitchen. So if you want to eat more healthily, move those fresh fruits and vegetables front and center in your fridge and hide small portions of goodies at the back.

Chew sugarless gum while cooking
Chew gum while you cook dinner to stop any mindless snacking and sampling of the dishes. Also, it avoids temptation to other ‘fast foods’.

Slow down your eating
When you eat, your brain doesn’t know for certain that you are full until it receives a series of messages from hormones in your gastrointestinal tract. If you continue to gulp food without chewing, you override these hormonal messages, and before it hits you, you can unable to recognize the signals.

Practice mindfulness eating
Mindful eating is the practice of contemplating what you are eating and concentrating on how you feel about the food. When you practice mindful eating, you become aware of food in all its aspects – not just how it tastes but also how it makes you feel as well as the sensory experiences it evokes, like the smell, the visual cues, and the texture. Eating, thus becomes a meditative process.

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