Canteen Diaries: Those were the best days of my life!

Oviya Siddarth talks about her memories of her college canteen in the SRM University, Chennai

And yes, these are the best days of my life!!… I’m an engineering student of SRM University, Chennai. And our canteen is the best anyone could ever get! Not only does it have the most amazing food, but it’s the most fun place to be with friends too.

Just the other day, I and my friends were late for one of the lectures, and the professor wouldn’t let us in. So, what did we do? Turned around and went straight to the canteen. We spent the entire afternoon yapping and yapping! And I can’t remember the no. of times we’ve bunked boring lectures and ended up in the canteen.

The canteen is like the most happening place of our college. So that’s exactly where we held our “War of the Bands’ competition. And now, our band has got fame overnight! And the entire credit goes to our canteen. If it weren’t for its amazing ambience and its welcoming atmosphere, we wouldn’t have had such a big turnout.

The food is extraordinary here. You have everything here, right from Punjabi chole to the South Indian masala dosa, from Chinese noodles, to Mexican delights. And the world’s best chaai – ‘The chocolate chaai’. Yup, you read it right, the chocolate chaai. One sip, and it would melt your soul!

All in all, this canteen is every student’s paradise. I would always cherish the wonderful times I’ve spent here throughout my life, even after years of passing out of this college.

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