5 Reasons Why College Reunions Are An Important Ritual

College reunions

College reunions – As an individual, you go through different phases in your life.

There are different chapters in your student life as well. You study in college, sail through college and then, finally start working. Reunions are a good way to reconnect with friends whom you lost touch with or have not met for a very long time. College years are the best years of your life.

Though you can never fully relive them, you can at least reminisce about them with yourold friends when you meet them in reunions.

Here are 5 reasons why college reunions are an important ritual.

College reunions

  1. Revisiting old memories

All of us like to have a dose of nostalgia once in a while. Talking about the glorious das of college, teasing each other bot crushes and remembering how you dealt with some difficult situations with the help of your friends, all these things happen in a reunion. When you meet your old friends, all the old memories keep flashing back at you and you get just the right people to discuss them with. You might also come some interesting and surprising fact which you had no inkling of earlier.

College reunions

  1. Meeting your crush

While you have moved ahead in life and are now married, meting somebody you had a crush in after severalyears invokes a bitter sweetfeeling that cannot be expressed in words. Even if you do not want to or are not comfortable with the idea of talking to them,  just seeing them after a very long time would be a very interesting experience.

College reunions

  1. Makes friendship stronger

Even if you have been touch with your college friends on phone and e-mails, the joy and importance of a personal meeting cannot be replaced by any other medium you connect them through. It is important to meet your friends from time to time to strengthen your bond with them. You might think about skipping the reunion as it will necessitate you travelling to another city and spending time, energy and money but you must important toattendreunions.

College reunions

  1. Set things right

While college life isfull of good memories, there are certain bad incidents that happen along the way too. As a young adult, you get into fights, hurt people, break hearts and do a lot of things you are not proud of. When you meet somebody, you had caused harm or hurt to when you were in college, after several years in reunion you have the chance to set things and develop a better equation with the one who you were not close to in college.

College reunions

  1. Make more memories

If you thought you made all the good memories with your friends incollege, then you must know that reunions are also a good opportunity to recreate thosememories an even create some new ones. A reunion does not necessarily has to be a one-evening event. You could go on a road trip or on a short holiday with your friends. That will give you more time to bond and also bring some of the joie de vivre that one associated with college life.

College reunions

College reunions – Reunions should be observed as a ritual and not an one-off thing. If you are planning to host reunions, you must make sure that you do it every year without fail. Such events make sense only if they are done sincerely at regular periodic intervals.

So, go an relive those wonderful memories you made with your friend through reunions.

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