People Come To This Temple To Pray For Visa Clearance

Visa temple

Visa temple – With billions and millions of temples in India, every shrine has its own speciality.

From Sonia Gandhi temple to Bullet Baba temple, there are many temples in India known for its special or bizarre reason. Today, we would introduce you to the most famous temple of India where people come to pray for their visa clearance. Going and settling in abroad is a dream for many but not everyone can live their foreign dream.

Apart from various other components one key factor which is important for going abroad is visa clearance.

Visa temple – 

Visa temple

If you‘re an Indian and eagerly waiting for your visa clearance, we would mention a temple where lakhs of people go to pray for their visa clearance. Yes, we are talking the infamous ‘Visa Balaji’ temple in Chilkur.

Visa temple

Visa Balaji temple is situated in Chilkur, Hyderabad and is considered to be one of the oldest temples in Telangana. This temple is known as the visa temple as worshiping to Sri Venkateswara Balaji deity will help you in getting visa approval. With more than 75,000 to lakh people visiting the temple, Fridays and Sunday’s have always been a rush affair. Devotees stand in line for a long period of time in order to seek to bless from the deity. However, if you are praying for a visa approval here, you’ll probably need to come back once your visa is approved.

Visa temple

It is said that once their visa gets approved, they need to come back to the temple and take 108 rounds of parikrama. According to the last year data, it was said that highest number of students settled in the US belong from the state of Hyderabad. Now we can imagine how many devotes and students might reach the Visa temple to get their American dreams come true.

While visa is the main thing which draws people towards the this visa temple, there are many other things for which people come to visit the temple. Many people come to get rid of their marriage problems while some come to pray for their debt clearance. The temple generally swells with young women and men praying and praising the lord for visa clearance.

Visa temple

Here is the complete address of Visa temple

Address: Chilkur Balaji Temple Road, Chandanagar, Chilkur, Hyderabad, Telangana 501504

Contact: 084172 35933


So, if you are eagerly waiting for your visa clearance and want to fulfil your American dreams, plan a trip to this temple as soon as possible!

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