Why women spy on their lovers

Women are notorious for spying on their beaus. We tell you why!

In most relationships, it’s the woman who is a lot more insecure than her man and sometimes, this leads to spying and being obsessed with ‘where is he?’ Whether it’s due to emotional attachment or losing established control, women spy more than men and we tell you why!

Emotionally attached:
Women get emotionally attaches faster than their male counterparts and dread being played with. They don’t want their hearts to be broken so nine times out of ten, they resort to spying.

Women might deny this, but most of them are quite jealous of their partner’s female friends, colleagues and co-workers. Even if they are secure about their guys and know that their men won’t cheat on them, jealousy does find its way!

Controlling attitude:
They want to be in the loop about everyday matters and other mundane things, along with important events. This controlling attitude makes them want to spy on their better halves.

Once bitten twice shy:
This adage applies to women more then men as the fairer sex tends to get more cautious after a break-up.

Insecure beings:
If they are showering you with all the attention in the world and you’re as emotionally detached as a stone, they are bound to get insecure. Since most men have trouble expressing their feelings, women take the spying route to find out if all is hunky dory in the relationship.

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