Attention Husbands!! Things You Need To Be Careful Of As You Get Hitched

What A Wife Wants From Husband After Marriage – It is not only the bride-to-be who is supposed to know ways to keep her husband happy as they say, but, husbands to-be should also follow some guidelines for a healthy marriage.

Now that you are about to unite in wedlock with your partner, grooms-to be, you think you are the perfect couple and are tying the knot on Earth for a match made in heaven?

Being in love for you might be a feeling that makes this world a better place to live in and you might even feel transcended to another more beautiful world where someone is always ready to care and think about you, hug and kiss you, hang out with you wherever you want to go and snuggle around on Sunday afternoons.

Your partner may also think just like you before she gets married to you. But, as they say the grass is always greener on the other side.

Your to-be wife may also remember her life as a single woman time to time after marriage!

Both of you might be optimistic and prepared to take the plunge. Both of you might feel that you are going to enjoy marital bliss with perfect clicks on Facebook and Instagram and a shoulder to rest and relax on when you are upset and grumpy. All this will happen but with drastic changes in both your and your partner’s life, especially more in your lady’s life. It is these changes that will make her miss her golden days of freedom-her singlehood! This is not to say that she does not like her relationship with you.

You are that someone special, her Mr. Right for whom she had been searching all this while but now that she is with you and is soon going to shift to your place, adjust to your lifestyle and family, she will be dismal at times remembering the joys of her single life.

Learn what she will long for most after marriage and how you can tackle these situations better with these useful tips:

Freedom to Party and Flirt Harmlessly


Freedom is dear to us more than anything. She will always miss the time when she could hang out with her friends (both male and female) and did not have to answer anyone for whatever she did or wherever she went and whomever she liked to spend her time with. She would pine for the times when she did not have to check her phone every few minutes and could go for spontaneous adventures and unions without having to note if any of her plans are clashing with yours.

What you can do:

You should be willing enough to sometimes let her have her girl time or do some harmless flirting with the guy behind the counter at a café or the single guys in her social circle. If she is not continuously flirting with other men when you are with her, you can let your jealous side take a back seat for a while. Her girlfriends are as important as you for her and the exciting, thrilling and sometimes sad moments that she has had with her friends form a huge part of her life till now and if you let her give attention to her girlfriends when they need her, you may get your fair share of time with your buddies.


Making Independent Decisions


She has been responsible and answerable to only herself before you walked into her life. You may be her Knight in Shining Armour but considering your opinions and feelings before taking major decisions in her life will make her miss the times when the colours of her bedroom and the jobs she applied for were her own responsible choices and decisions. Your thoughts have gained as much importance as hers now in her life and she will not choose to disappoint you for every little thing she plans and every important decision she takes.

What you should do:

You can help her not mourn her single life by proving that she is living a fulfilling relationship where you are always there by her side to support and cooperate with her. Either you be a part of her decisions or let her take the charge if you do not wish to partake in her life decisions. Togetherness is important but leading independent lives sometimes in marriage and enjoying your own space is as crucial. If you do not offer her this independence and a life apart from her marriage, either her personality might change into something you will not like or your relationship will suffer an emotional crisis.


Her ‘Me Time’


The time she now devotes to you and will spend with you after marriage, was hers alone. She might have lamented this ‘me time’ before when she spent time listening to the radio or leisurely doing her make-up, thinking how lonely she is in her life. But, now she would crave for this time all the more as she realizes its value.

What You Should Do:

Spending some time apart from each will make your hearts grow fonder and you both may have much more interesting topics to share. You both will appreciate and value the quality time you spend with each other rather than her bemoaning for those leisurely days and dawdling moments.


Being Your ‘Cry Shoulder’


Everytime you have a tiff with your boss and a fight with your siblings or are unable to convince your parents over something, she becomes the punching bag for all your troubles and the first one you address with all your problems. Her single days made her worry only about her own issues and adding your burden of problems on her shoulders can be too much to deal with for her, sometimes.

What You Should Do: 

If you find her exceptionally silent or overwhelmed as you moan about your life issues, you should probably seek other people’s help such as your parents, friends or siblings.


Not sharing her bed-time with anyone


She would terribly miss sprawling and spreading her legs on the bed that was meant all for her, where there was no one to monopolize those pillows. She will miss her soft toys and comforters even though snuggling and cuddling in your arms always makes her happy.

What You Should Do:

You might not know or feel the same way a woman feels about her bed. She likes to spruce up her bed with fluffy pillows and soft blankets. Though you cannot do much about her alone time in bed, you can always make her feel cared for by not hogging over the pillows and trying to take more space on the bed.


Eating what she wants and not cleaning after someone


She may still consider maggi and a glass of juice as dinner. If it’s not the same with you and you look forward to have proper meals, she might miss her single days when she could eat whatever she wanted and at the time that suited her. Alternatively, she could be more of a cereal person who tries eating healthy to stay fit while you love your gravies and red meat. She might not try to change your idea of diet but does that mean sacrificing her lifestyle?

She would miss that time when she would not have to pick up dirty socks spread across the floor and wash the dirty dishes.

What You Should Do: 

Cooking can be a good bonding time for you both while you can lend over a hand for doing the dishes and cleaning up your own mess.


Her Favourite TV Shows


She can never watch her drama shows and serials together with you. She will long for having some spare time for herself when she can spend hours watching her favourite TV shows, like her days before marriage.

What You Should Do:

You may offer to give her the remote sometimes while you enjoy your computer-time or are doing something else at home. This way even you can get to watch your matches and not have to fight over a petty remote!


Her Pedicure and Manicure


Pedicures and nail arts may be a weekly schedule for your to-be wife not only as she embarks on the journey of marriage but even in her singlehood. Now that she is attached to you, or is soon going to be attached, she will miss her good old days when those pedis and manis made her feel good about herself. She will also miss her local salons where she would have got her beauty treatment at half the price!

What You Should Do:

You can take her to her salon visits whenever you go to yours for that neat trim of your beard or styling your mane.

Perfect these tips before the wedlock to strengthen your relationship and experience the blissful life for real! Congratulations in advance!

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