These Stories Of People Buried Alive Will Leave You In Shock!

Premature Burial Stories

Premature Burial Stories – The term “Buried alive” is also known as premature burial and yes, many have experienced it. Shocking, isn’t it? The thought of being buried alive is enough to leave a person scared. I mean, just think about the person who experienced it.

It is the scariest thing to experience on earth.

I know, that you must be wondering the reason behind premature burial for those who experienced it. Read these stories on your own risk and make sure that you’ll get enough sleep at night.

Are you ready? Let’s begin.

Premature Burial Stories –          


In 1991, an Indian girl name Shakereh went missing. Three years later, her closed ones found her remains in her own home. It was then revealed that her second husband had dragged her and buried alive between the two mattresses.


In 2015, in MP Latori was walking home drunk, but sadly fell into the construction pit by the side of the road. Workers didn’t notice and paved right over his sleeping body. Luckily, the next day the locals noticed his hand as he was trying to escape and was then removed by the people.


It all happened in the year 2015, a 16 Y.O girl “Neysi Perez” was buried alive. Her family heard that she was screaming from the coffin but sadly, when they opened it, she was dead. When asked the doctors, they revealed that she had suffered panic attack which temporarily stopped her heart.


In the year 1993, a 24 year old Sipho and his Fiancé were involved in a car accident. His Fiancé survived but Sipho showed no signs so the people declared him dead. Later, he was placed in the metal box for burial. Luckily, AFTER two days, she came back alive, he was screaming and some people helped him come out.


In the year 2015, Chiara was eight weeks pregnant when her parents reported her missing report. Later, it was discovered that she was actually buried alive by her BF in his back yard who she was dating for 2 months.


This one proves that sometimes dates can be the worst. A 25 Y.O. French woman travelled to meet her date and sadly, she collapsed on the floor mid-date. What her date did next? He buried her alive without taking her to the doctors. Few days later, her parents reported and the police was however able to track her last location. They even caught her date and he confessed the truth.

  1. BOGER

In the year 1983, a woman died due to unknown cause and the doctors declared her dead. She was buried etc. Few days later, Mr. Boger’s friend told him that his wife suffered from hysteria, so it’s possible that she wasn’t dead. So, Mr. Boger dugged her grave and found his wife turned over and her nails were broken. It was said that she was trying hard to escape but wasn’t successful into doing so.


A 30 Y.O had suffered a fatal attack of epilepsy and was declared dead by the doctors. Her Funeral was planned and scheduled for the other day as her sister was set to visit her. Sadly, her sister came late only to see that others were putting dots of dirt on the grave. This wasn’t acceptable as she wanted to see her sister so she convinced to body to be removed. When they did it, surprisingly Essie sat up and smiled – It was nothing less than a miracle.

Later, she lived another 47 years.

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