Five Things To Do To Yourself Post Break Up


Ups and downs are part of a life!

So hold yourself strong even when you are going through a low phase. Especially during and after breaking up with the person you thought you loved the most in the world (of course besides your parents and siblings).

Expressing your sadness through flowing tears or via crying is okay but only for a few days, as this may lighten your heart! Doing it for longer period could be harmful for this could lead to depression or any mental or psychological disorder. Instead, you must emerge as a survivor and not as a victim. Playing a victim game will cause you no good. While surviving will boost you in various areas of lifethat ahead waiting for you to explore.

You never know, you may end up meeting your real soulmate in the journey!

However, you need to ensure to do these five things to yourself to find your real self again after break up!

  1. Think “You Are Awesome”


If you have notion about yourself being inferior, then slap yourself hard and remind yourself that you are as awesome as you have always been! A break up or if someone refused to stay with you for forever doesn’t mean that you are any less. Simply, accept the fact that the both of you are not meant to be together. Or He/she doesn’t deserve your love. Or someone much deserving is waiting to be discovered. This can happen only when you stay awesome and open to the feeling of love. Hence, make a list of all good things about you and things that you are grateful for, all because to bring goodness in your life.

  1. Get More Fit


Sweat, sweat and sweat! This will relieve you off the stress, you have been dealing with during break up phase. Also, workout will help boosting your confidence. You can go on a walk, run, jog or join gym, aerobics classes etc. to make yourself fitter than ever. Your ex should feel guilty of leaving you, after seeing you in much better shape emotionally, physically and mentally, still doing better in life! However, that shouldn’t be your focus.Your focus should only on improving yourself for the betterment of you!

  1. Pamper Yourself


Enough of crying over a breakup! Now, it’s time to pamper those swollen eyes, shabby hair, and unmanaged nails that have become due to negligence towards your own self! Go to a day spa and spend some good time detoxifying yourself. If you have been bingeing on junks post break up blues, stop it immediately! Instead focus on detoxifying diet such as juices, fruits salad and vegetable salad. You could also go on a vacation either with friends or alone! Change of place will have a refreshing impact on your soul! Believe us!

  1. Revive Old Relationships That Matter


In a relationship, your partner becomes the priority in your life that you tend to side line or distancing all other relationships like of friend, acquaintances or even family members. After it gets over, you feel alone as there are not people who mattered around! This doesn’t mean they don’t care for you. It could be that they are not aware of your break up, since you have distanced yourself from them emotionally by not sharing your life with them, by not making time for them. Now, this is the time to make a list of all people who mattered to you, start calling each one of them one by one and planning a meet for hang out either for a movie or travel or simply for a coffee. Share your life with them. You will feel happy and beautiful again, surrounded by beautiful friends and family again!

  1. Focus on Your Career or Personality Growth


One question that people ask is “What do you do to make a living?” You should always have a strong answer to leave your impact on the world around! Also, good career keeps you financially secure, which is really important to indulge in life’s luxuries. A highly ambitious woman or man are always respected in our society. Find out what you love to do and do it to the best of your ability. You could also learn a new hobby like cooking, knitting or gardening to keep your mind focus on productive things in life. This will also make you feel worthy and good about your own self.

Do these five things to yourself and you will soar high in the sky that your ex wouldone day find you with gorgeous wings and wished if he or she had been flying beside you! What better feeling could it be!

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