How to deal with a possessive partner

Possessive partners can drive you up the wall. Here’s how you can deal with such a partner. Read on!

A possessive partner can be a burden than a loving company. Despite your best attempts, he/she will get jealous, hyper and insecure every time you step out with a friend from the opposite sex. Here’s how you can deal with such a partner. Read on!

Your partner is possessive about is because they don’t want to lose you. Despite how ridiculous it sounds, that’s the truth. So keep assuring them that you love them and their possessive streaks are unnecessary. You have to understand that some people are born this way, they can’t come to terms with basic things and get mad when things don’t go their way.

Tell them your plan:
There’s no need to lie. If you love them and are looking at a future with them, do tell them your plan in detail and in advance. They will have enough time to process the information and if they know your plan, they will less jealous about it.

Meeting your besties:
Let your partner meet your besties and they will realize how harmless your relationship with your besties is. If you’re a boy and you a girl best friend, get her to lunch with your girlfriend. They will definitely bond over food and gossip and your partner will appreciate your efforts for sure.

Spend more time together:
You must communicate a lot and spend time together so that your partner feels loved and cared for. He/she shouldn’t feel that you’re not giving them enough time as you’re too busy with your other pals. A possessive partner will turn suspicious if you keep cancelling on them or always opt for ‘group’ dates than a couple-y one.

Set it straight:
You can’t live with someone who breaths down your neck. You have to set it straight with your partner that your friends are as important and integral to you as they are. If you wish to enjoy with your friends from the opposite sex, your partner shouldn’t feel overly possessive and negative about the situation. Everybody needs their space. In fact, tell them to have some fun with their set of friends too.


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