How to deal with a nag!

Nags can piss us off to no end. Here’s how you can deal with one. Read on!

Face it, we all have that one person who is a nag. They want to know every what, where, why and how there is. It can really piss one off and make us lie to them in order to escape the many follow-up questions that they have. How do we deal with such a person? Read on!


Be clear:
It’s best to be clear about your plans so that the nag in your life doesn’t keep asking you hundred thousand questions. Be loud and clear. Do not talk in your head.

Communicate more:
The reason people are condescending and difficult is because you don’t communicate much with them. Tell them your fears, dreams and hopes.

Tell them about their behaviour:
Some people are not even aware of their nagging qualities. It’s important for you to tell them that they are acting difficult and pray that they understand your point of view.

Boundary lines:
Draw a clear boundary that tells them what they can do and what they can’t. Even if it’s your spouse or sibling, nobody can get on your nerves 24/7. You have to get this message across to them.

Be honest:
Lying will only worsen the situation. State whatever you have to in plain words. Don’t complicate matters by lying to the nagging kinds. You don’t want another earful, do you?

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