Take A Pen And Doodle ! We Can Tell Your Personality By Just Looking At Them


Doodles – Psychology is one stream of science and human understanding that is flourishing to all the possible extents and the scientists have a lot of new discoveries in the same on the daily basis.

Let’s talk about one aspect of psychology which is through the understanding of ‘Strokes’. Yes, a normal doodle by you on a paper is enough for doctors and psychologists to understand your basic nature and behavior.

Doodles are something you tend to unknowingly, unpurposely stroke on a surface while thinking about something, while doing something, while talking to someone etc.

Let’s understand various types of individual behaviorthrough DOODLES:

Circles and Rings: If your doodles are circles and rings that mean you are in a desperate need to find unity. Basically ‘I feel left out in this world’ is what this doodle is trying to say. These doodles mean that you are in a desperate need of friends and attentions. Chances are that these kinds of people fall in depression someday if not taken care of. Another reason can be the want of communication.

Spirals: Spirals hint towards a genius thinking. People whose doodles are mostly spirals tend to solve a lot of problems in their head and think about different tasks all the time. The problems of other people don’t bother them much.

Beehive Patterns: Beehive pattern is one of the most decent doodles as this means that the person’s priority is peace and harmony. It also means that the person wants to settle down and maybe wants to start a family.

Chessboards:Cheeseboard doodles are sad, if they have occurred recently that means the person was in an uncomfortable situation somehow and if they’ve been doodling them since a long time that means that the person is dealing with some hidden issues, problems and situations which they are unable to talk about. Maybe they have a doubt on their life’s mission and paths.

Little Houses and Boxes: If your doodles are of symmetrical shapes like these then that mean that the person is very calculative about things in life. It means that they have a clear picture of what they wish for, what they want, what their ambitions are and what they want to do in future.

Crosses: If a person draws crosses often then that means the person is feeling guilty over something and blaming them for some mistakes they think they’ve done or have actually done.

Flowers, Cloud and Sun:If your doodles are all related to nature then that means you have a very positive attitude towards life. It means that you are very satisfied with whatever is happening in your life and fantasies about good things that will be coming up in future.

Stars: Drawing stars is a sign that you want to be the center of attention and want all eyes on you as you walk in the room. But, if your stars have too many points or are drawn separately from the center, it could be a sign of depression.

Arrows: If your arrow is pointing upwards then that means you are a people oriented person, it is points downwards then that means the person is self-focused. A leftward arrow means that you’re stuck in the past and if it points rightwards then that means that the person looks forward to the future.

Squares, Diamonds and Geometric Figures: If a person doodles squares, diamonds and other geometrical shapes then that means that he/she doesn’t like to keep their opinions to themselves. It also means that they are stubborn and insistent. It also hints that the person is overly cautious and careful.

Animals: Different animals that a person doodles hold different meaning in them. If a person draws a tiger or a wolf then that means he/she holds unexpressed anger in themselves, if they draw a fox then that means you’re thinking of doing something sly. If you draw a squirrel then that means that the person needs care and protection, if a person draws a lion then that means he/she considers themselves to be superior to others and better than others. If a person tends to draw an animal again and again then that means he/she is unconsciously try to compare them with the animal and somewhere trying to imitate their character.

Signature: If a person is seen doodling his/her name and signature often then that means he/she is egocentric and arrogant. It also means that you are a self-centered personality.

Eyes: Though a very rare doodle but if a person’s doodles eyes then that mean that the person represents their inner self. if he/she draws a big eye then it means that the person is an outgoing personality, if he/she draws staring eyes then that means he/she has the feeling of being watched and if a person draws close eyes then that mean that the person is indirectly refusing to take a look inside their own selves.

Figures of People: If a person doodles figures of little people then that means the person feels insecure and helpless or they’re trying to get away from some of their responsibilities, if a person draws stick figures then that means the person is emotionally unstable and feels the need to get isolated from people.

These are the most common doodles that reveal a lot about an individual’s personality. It’s not only helpful to understand people’s mindset but it’s also very helpful in self-assessment. Keep these in mind the other time you see your friends doodle or observe yourself doodling.

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