These 10 Outrageous Gymming Snaps Will Confuse You Whether To Do or Not To Do!

Gymming is catching up these days, isn’t it? Every tom, dick and harry wants to land in the iron-land for all kinda assorted reasons. And some of those reasons are outrageously weird…

10). Yes! Yes! You got that ABS-OH-LOOT-LEY RIGHT!! I paid half of my hard-earned fortune, tortured my butt, ate crap (when all I wanted to hog on was cheese-cake and drink pints of Beer) spent 4 majestic hours of my “golden youth” EVERYDAY in the BLOODY GYM sweating like a PIG !!… ALLLLLLLL that just because I am DYING to CRACK WALNUTS WITH MY BUTT CHEEKS!!!! That’s the only purpose my buoy.. That’s the ONLY GODDAMN Purpose!!


PHEW!! I am never going to go GYMMING!! Will you??

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