5 Reasons Why Age To Drink Should Be 18 and Not 21/25!


Alcohol is a drink made by adults, for adults!

However, in an intelligent country of ours, every state is having difficulty in understanding the basic definition of adult. It’s like, who the hell is an adult? Should an adult be defined based on body size and shape? Or by age? Or by mental maturity? Or by the money in his or her pocket?

The governments across the country are distressed by the question of the century and despite having multiple committees and debates, there is no single conclusion to be drawn as to what should be an ideal age to start drinking. Some states have passed laws making the legal drinking age at 25, while others are keeping at 21.

Here are reasons why why age to drink should be 18 years as the legal age to start drinking:

1) People Drink Anyways

No matter what is the age criteria, for those who know the way get their hands on alcohol anywhere in the country! Yes, it is not advisable for kids to drink alcohol, but look around and you will find so many teenagers drinking frequently. Rather than teaching those youngsters how to bribe and get into corrupt ways for their daily quota of drinks, make the age at 18! At least it saves them from buying liquor from black market for 3-7years, depending on which state they are in!

2) Legal Revenue

Yes, Mr. Minister kindly note that right now the prohibitions and ad hoc age criteria are making your government lose vital revenue, which is anyways getting generated via the black market. How about making it legal so the liquor sells over the table and your coffers get filled by genuine revenues that can be, hoping against hope, spent on the welfare of common man!

3) One Criteria

Save the youth of this country from being confused about their rights. I mean, vote at 18, marry at 21 for boys, liquor at 25 or 21  etc. A guy will sit and think as to whether he is really ready for the world? The whole nation wants boys to shoulder the country’s responsibilities, but they are not allowed to take basic decisions of their life. If they are to be spoon-fed everything, why bother with responsibilities and stuff?

4) Freedom For Girls

Despite all the noise about women empowerment, girl-child marriages are still rampant in major part of the country. This means that most girls are mothers before they turn 18! So legally a girl is allowed to marry at 18, that law is not enforced or executed anyways, and she can touch liquor only when she turns 21 or 25? Is liquor a more difficult decision of life than marriage or kids?

5) Biology

All you decision-makers sitting in the comfort zone of your offices, please read biology and understand that human evolution is causing physical and mental changes in human development at a much faster rate than imagined. Therefore, girls are hitting puberty sooner than usual, the boys are growing a beard faster than expected and the world is changing fast! Therefore, trust the youth of the country, educate them about the ills of liquor and then let them make their decisions. And if you don’t trust the youth, then ban liquor! No, you won’t do that because there are revenues to be earned, right?

Well, all these politicians take such calls according to their vote-bank and dubious analytical methods. Apply common sense and take decisions that can be considered wise. As such today’s and coming generation is much smarter and wiser than the yesterday’s one, so don’t try to fool them!

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