8 Ways To Extend Battery Life In Your Android Phone

Smartphone batteries die on you pretty soon and some devices even shame you before your friends in this case. The apps that you install demand a larger share of the on-screen time and they drain batteries of those big AMOLED and LCD screened phones. But there’s nothing to worry as we can show you the ways your phone’s battery life can be extended.

There have been a handful of facts that impeded the longevity of android batteries such as thinner designs with lesser room for batteries, larger and luminous screens, speedier quad-core processors, softwares running in the background etc.

Read on below the ways to make your phone’s battery last longer amidst the given problems:

Lower the screen brightness:

The ‘auto’ setting is of no help as it automatically adjusts the brightness and drains the battery. Remember that the display feeds on battery and demands a larger share of it. So, take care to lessen the brightness of your screen so that the battery life is stretched.

Shut down redundant Radio feature:

The phones come with LTE, NFC, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth feature but may be keeping all of them awake throughout the day is not conductive for the battery. Take care to turn off the Wi-Fi when you are not under a battery network etc.

The Background Apps should be shut down:

Sometimes we are too lazy to close the apps on the whole and simply press the home or background button to exit. Keep closing the apps that might be running still and eating into the battery periodically in a day.

Don’t download widgets and wallpapers:

Apart from looking teenagerish, the widgets and wallpapers are voracious battery-eaters so ditching them seems like a good idea to us, especially those internet based widgets like weather and news.

Hunt down the battery saving features in your phone:

Your phone comes equipped with battery saving features such as All ROMs, whether stock Android, OEM UIs such as TouchWiz and or custom ROMs like CyanogenMod which enable you to conserve battery consumption. Like HTC has Extreme Power Saving Mode, Samsung has Ultra Power Saving Mode, so there may be one such in yours too.

Ditch Auto-Sync:

The applications such as Gmail, Twitter, Calendar etc have self-updating features provided to them for bringing you the latest information which definitely adversely affects the battery life. There is an auto-sync options in the settings menu, if you turn it off, the said thing won’t happen.

Use the ‘Lite’ version of apps:

Since the elaborated version of the applications soak up more battery life so you can instead go for the lite versions of them such as Messenger lite, Facebook lite, Instagram lite etc.

Use Greenify in your phone:

Greenify helps optimize performance and increase battery complacency. The apps that are in hibernation because not being in use currently are shut down by Greenify .


Turn off vibration:

This is the most tried and tested method to save battery life and we completely recommend you to turn off vibration for the incoming calls because vibrator is a ruthless battery drainer.

These are the ways you can save your Android phone’s battery and keep it going for longer hours.


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