5 Things You Do That Make You a Non-shaadi Material

There are certain characteristics about Indian women that make her a shoe-in for the marriage market. When a girl is at the threshold of 25, our society especially the altruistic aunties become borderline obsessed about her marriage. They breach all boundaries to nudge her into marrying into the potential alliances they come up with. It’s a given fact that a girl in India is born to serve food to her parents, brother and then parents in law, husband and brother in law, bear children and wait for heart attack. That’s that.

Has it ever dawned upon you that whether you hold true with these stereotypical norms of becoming an Indian wife or are born to spell ruin for the household through your wayward ways. Here are some pointers that may help you think in the right lines:

You can’t make gol-rotis:

Well, it’s the expertise in making round Indian breads that tops the list of characteristics to be present in a prospective female marital match. Your mother may be sleep eluded that you are 25 and can’t make gol-rotis while you just lay back and relax planning your next Leh-Ladakh trip with besties.

You argue a lot and are opinionated:

You’re born to question and nothing impresses you so easily. That leads you to be argumentative and the opinions that you hurl comes from the years of reading. Then you, my girl are definitely a non-wifeable material as Indian women are conditioned to accept and not contradict with the male partner in marriage.

Do you have a mind of your own?

You have a brain that is not dormant? You like freedom? You like to take care of yourself and wear explicit outfits? Come from parties late in the night? Like to be you, boldly? Then step aside, let your docile counterparts come in and grab the ‘successful’ guy.

Do you have dreams? Aspirations? Desires and talk about sex freely?

Woman, we only to sex to reproduce and obviously don’t talk about it. Besides, an Indian marriageable woman can’t want something for her own. She is born to SERVE!

Let us see how many shits you give? You don’t? then you are almost there, you have successfully made yourself a non-shaadi material.  Kudos! Now go have your ‘QUEEN’ moments in a solo trip to Paris.

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