These “FML” Stories Prove That You’re Not The Only One Who Experience Bad Day In Life!

FML Stories

FML Stories – These FML stories will undeniably make you laugh but at the same time they’ll make you understand that you’re not the only one who experiences bad day.

Firstly, FML is a site where people submit their stories of unfortunate-happenings that begin with “Today” and ends with “FML” i.e. F*ck My Life.

If you ever go through such happening in your life, then you’re free to share your story on that site. Well, before you do that, here are some FML stories that you must read and share.

  1. Today, my dentist pulled the wrong tooth. FML – By Fox_Undercover.
  1. Today, I got a laptop for my birthday. I was thrilled until I realised that my mom had given away my old one without asking. 6 years of games, music, and pictures down the drain. FML – By Hi-Tech. 
  1. Today, I rode my bike to the store because I only had a few things to pick up. When I walked out after five minutes, my bike was stolen. I had gone to the store to buy a new bike lock. FML – By getyourownbike.
  1. Today, I was watching a movie alone, after receiving a text from my boyfriend saying that his grandma was at the hospital, so he couldn’t go with me. I caught him on a date with another girl, at the same movie screening that I went to. FML – By singlesummer.
  1. Today, I got pulled off a hugely important project, all because I accidentally spelled “country” as “cuntry” in an email to our client. FML – By Anonymous.
  1. Today, I broke it off with my mistress so that I could work on my marriage. Shortly after, my wife received an anonymous message saying that I was unfaithful. FML – By Anonymous.
  1. Today, I told my soon-to-be-ex that he never does anything for the kids, and hasn’t contributed a dime. He showed up with a half gallon of milk and a box of cereal. Not what I meant. FML – By Liz.
  1. Today, it was the first time I was meeting my guy’s parents. Turns out he forgot it was his mum’s birthday and I ended up having to meet his whole family. FML – By anonymous.
  1. Today, my long distance relationship ended. The only thing my dad had to say to comfort me was that he hopes my phone bills will “go back to normal now”. FML – By thesaddestsoup.
  1. Today, I found out that my boyfriend doesn’t think he needs to wipe his ass off after he shits if he’s going straight in the shower because he can just “clean it up in there”. We share the same Loofah. FML – By Anonymous.

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