Do You Have A Dog? IF Yes, I Bet You Will Relate To These Artist’s Brilliant Comics!

Funny Dog Comics

Funny Dog Comics – Dog owners out there will agree that “Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend”.

Having a dog is like the best thing ever. You know, it is a great feeling when you know that there’s someone who loves you A LOT. Dog’s love is the purest and incomparable thing. I lost my dog 5 years ago but the memories I made with him are unforgettable. Every time I spent with him i.e. morning to night, it was completely amazing. I had a lot of amazing time and these hilarious comics I came across took me back to the time. Yes, recently, I came across an Instagram page “157ofgemma” and the posts are all about her dogs.

Gemma Gene draws comics about living with her pug Mochi and trust me; they’re all funny and relatable. I checked out every posts and decided to share some of ‘em with you. Just in case; you want to check out other posts, click here.

But before that, check out these Funny Dog Comics that I’ve mentioned below.

Haha! This is hilarious.

This is much better – LOL!

Funny Dog Comics

Aww! This is so cute.

Funny Dog Comics

Been there!

He cried because he couldn’t find a sleeping position – that hurts.

Story of every dog owner’s LIFE.

So true!!

Funny Dog Comics

Dogs are the sweetest <3


I’m sure that every dog owner has experienced this in their life. No KISSES!

Funny Dog Comics

Funny Dog Comics – Gemma has total 148k Followers and undoubtedly, the followers will keep on growing because her work is brilliant. There are A LOT of other stuff that she keeps on sharing on her account. So, IF you want, you can follow her on Instagram.

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