Do You Know Who Has Most Chances At Winning Bigg Boss Season 8 Trophy?

Pritam and Karishma in Bigg Boss 8

Who will win Bigg Boss 8?

The Big Day is here, January 31st.

Tonight will be the grand finale of Bigg Boss Season 8 and the stage is all set for deciding the fate of the contestants inside the house as the voting lines are already closed and the audience cannot do much now to decide things otherwise.

As for the time being, three contestants are in the rat race and have the probable chances of winning. Gautam Gulati, Pritam Singh and Karishma Tanna are leading by audience votes.

Out of these choices, Gautam Gulati has always been the most favourite among the maximum number of people with immense fan following even on the social media, though Dimpy Mahajan and Ali Quli Mirza are contending hard for the winning position. However, Dimpy and Ali have entered the house through wild cards and have not lived through the politics, miseries, joy and sorrow moments in the house with the other contestants from the very beginning, unlike Gautam, Pritam and Karishma.

Pritam and Karishma in Bigg Boss 8

Pritam and Karishma in Bigg Boss 8

Gulati has been the star attraction, the lover boy and the kind-hearted friend throughout the show. He has been painting the town red while romancing with Diandra Soares at the very start of the reality show and sharing bed with Sonali Raut as well as by adding the so-needed drama quotient(emotional, naïve, angry, cheerful) in the show, thus enhancing TRPs and making the show gain many more viewers, votes and popularity.

Acting in TV serials like Diya aur Baati Hum has made Gulati climb the ladder of success and fame at a very young age, add to that his calm and composed behaviour, attention-seeking quality, playboy image, chocolate-boy looks and toned physique, his fights with Karishma, his entertainment doses, his surviving and thriving capabilities amid controversies, back biting, politics, et al, being a friend in need for all the contenders, his huge fan base on social media and otherwise, all that we got to witness in Bigg Boss adds to the oomph factor in him. Need we give any more reasons why he has been trending as #NextSuperStarGautamGulati on the micro-blogging site, Twitter?

Now it is time for Bigg Boss Halla Bol to come to an end and while Gautam, Pritam, Karishma, Sambhavna Seth, Ali and Dimpy contend for the winner position, Gautam has already won the hearts of his audience and social media fans, some of whom are either praying earnestly for him to be the winner while others have already declared him to be the winner with the hashtag #GautamToWinBiggBoss! Gulati has certainly proved to be a good captain such that even the host, Salman Khan had to acknowledge his leadership abilities with all the tasks the Bigg Boss handed over to him and his treatment of all the situations inside the house. If a week has passed for him with fights and people in the house nominating against him, he has moulded the situation in his favour and got votes from the audience, surviving all the nominations against him to stay till the very end!

With people dedicating pages to Gulati on social media sites and wanting to see his tweets after he comes out of the house, it is also clear as to how much the audience dotes on him. There is an anthem called ‘We Love Gauti’ that he introduced in the reality show during his tasks as a Captain. This anthem too has become the mantra for his massive fan base who also love to watch him kissing, romancing and flirting with Diandra in the show as everybody loves to see a good-looking man with the right attitude, endearing personality, playing the right tactics to woo a beautiful girl! And when all is said and done with actions and the ‘X’ factor and not based on sympathy or desperation, the winning title and the Bigg Boss trophy just might be his!

Also, the matured, sensible and genuine person that Gulati has exhibited himself to be all this while inside the house and the way he has aggressively taken up and executed all the tasks, not to forget in his own style of work, his good equations with Diandra and Puneet Issar, and the fact that he has established himself well in the TV industry goes in his favour, however, nothing can be said for sure until and unless the final result is out. The audience of India votes for these contenders and Gulati has won the maximum votes till now yet this season of Bigg Boss has seen numerous changes and nothing can be said for sure.

Don’t miss the finale tonight at 9:00 p.m.

You can also let us know your favourite contender among the final ones. Gulati’s fans may celebrate this time as he is leading followed by Karishma and Pritam according to the number of votes as yet.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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