Covid-19 Symptoms and Precautions to Observe in Winter

covid-19 symptoms

As the disease of COVID-19 has been destroying the lives of several it has become important to understand the symptoms and precautions. Observing certain specific symptoms has enabled to provide better treatment to the sufferers. Covid-19 symptoms can be divided into three main sections, based on it the medication has been provided. They are as follows:

Symptom 1

When a person is suffering from cough, flu and high fever apart from it has a desire for drinking water. The desire to have water frequently will be higher, and drink in high quantity will respond to Bryonia.

Symptom 2

The frequent requirement of cold water due to thirst but the ability of drinking water is in small quantity then the person will respond to Arsenicum under fever and thirst.


Symptom 3

A person who wants to drink chilled water due to the thirst under high fever and cough will respond to phosphorus.

Symptoms 4

Without any necessity or frequent desire for cold water for drinking is an indication of Bryonia Alba.

covid-19 symptoms 2

Homeopathy has prepared the medicines, after closely observing the symptoms of COVID-19 positive patients, it has been proved by curing COVID positive patients. Precautions are also to be mentioned that need to be maintained to reduce any kind of loss to health as the pandemic at its peak.

Homeopathic medicine has created a great difference while treating their patients under good care with all necessary procedures. Elders are mostly prone to be in critical condition if they are Covid-19 active, but the treatments and drugs have reduced the chances of being under severe conditions.

Infection rate as per Dr. Pradeep Kumar Gupta

According to the assumption of Dr. Gupta, the infection rate was up to 60 percent while a further 30 percent are expected to be infected by winter 2020.  Finally, about only 20 percent of people will not be infected and Covid-19 symptoms.

Therefore almost 30 percent of people are mildly infected or severely infected, and in a few cases, people have developed an antibody which is a good sign. This provides some confirmation of better health and less panic among the people.

While in such a situation when the majority is infected while the rest will develop the antibodies the necessity of vaccine reduces. Once the antibodies are formed within the body the pre-medical history of medicine indicates that the virus does not repeat again with the same virus.

Precautions during winter

Winter has always been a season when people are excessively infected by the flu, cough, and fever. Again the lack or scarcity of water is high and so maintaining cleanliness becomes the main issue. In such condition washing and random use of cold water is difficult. So, one of the best ways is to put the clothes after wearing under the sun for a few hours or heat near the fireplace and do not forget to wash hands with soap. Maintaining these rules will help in reducing not only COVID-19 symptoms but also will protect you from flu and cough.

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