Here Are the 5 Stupid Decisions You Make as Teenagers

Teenagers are more vulnerable to wrong people, wrong decisions and wrong experiences. The sum of all that wrong add up to the experience but the emotional upheaval we go through after doing nonsensical things as teenagers are hard to tide over. We learn to suffer beautifully and recover from heartbreak sooner as adults but as teenagers we are more emotionally driven and restless.

Choosing the college major:

This is one crucial decision of the lifetime upon which your career path depends. Deciding your area of interest is like moving mountain and most people leave a room for regret by making the wrong decisions.

Deciding the career path:

Unless you are a Medical or an engineering student, or not studied any strategic subject for that matter, you are likely to be confused about your potential career path. A wrong career feels like being trapped inside an inferno in the later life.

Switching careers:

It is, to tell you the toughest of all decisions as we are always filled with apprehensions whether or not the new career will be rewarding enough.

Selecting the perfect date:

In our teenage years, we are always spoilt for choices and end up choosing the wrong one invariably. It is our secret admiration for the prohibited that leads us to the eventual heartbreak. As an adult, when we introspect, however, the same things look derisory which once set our mind into chaos.


Not understanding the perfect time to quit:

The lack of experience always adversely affects a teenager’s logical functionality. Whether we are in an abusive relationship or being emotionally played with but we always expect things to fall back in order soon, of course, at the cost of our mental peace.

We lack sense of dressing:

Our limited knowledge towards fashion results in clumsy, pretentious dressing. Also, wearing too much make-up, that is to say Messy eye-liner, wonky lipstick, bright and shimmery eye-shadow ruined the heck out of our natural beauty.

We enemy-zoned our parents:

Our parents seemed to be our enemies who are only born to rain in our parade. All of us as teenagers shouted on her parents a lot and eventually regretted as adults.

Raked over the pimple:

We ducked out of the school picture always as we were too fidgety over the pimple that appeared out of the blue moon on the very day.

Lost virginity to jerks:

Most of us lost our virginity to jerks just for the sake of it and went completely in denial when friends asked.

We could not wait to grow up:

Responsibilities? Bring ‘em on! Many will not admit but most of the girls wanted to get married by 23.

These were mistakes but are your comic relief now nevertheless.


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