Are you a Potato lover? Then do Visit, Simply Potatoes

If you love potatoes or rather are not conscious about eating it, Simply Potatoes is a must visit. Simply Potatoes is known for its baked preparations. Here is what I liked about this cute outlet…

I am one of those who will not shy away from saying, “I am a social media addict.”I am from the new generation who cannot resist from voicing opinions to expressing every little emotion on social platforms. For me these networks act like an open book, I don’t really pay heed to who thinks what about me. I just ramble most of the time for fun.

I was working a piece on dating tips for the first time. So, I went ahead to tweet about it. Within few minutes I got a notification from a handle called Simply Potatoes. I would like you to take a look at the hilarious conversation that trigged after that..




I was really impressed with their subtle marketing strategies and that’s when I decided to visit one of their outlet. I went to the one which is at Phoenix Market City, Kurla in Mumbai. Located in the food court, Simple Potatoes outlet is a tiny one but can easily be spoted.

I called for a Mexican Potato and  Tornado Potato with South West dip. The Mexican Potato had mild flavours on a layer of baked potato which was very different to taste. Tarnoda Potato stealed the show obviously because of it’s look.

It is priced at very affordable rates. Worth the money? Hmm! Yes. The best part of the menu is that there are no wierd experiments. You can try everything on the menu if you love potatoes.

I would give it 3.8/5. If you are in Mumbai or Bangalore you can trace them at various popular malls.I would highly recommend you to follow them on Twitter if you like to giggle on some witty humour.

Happy Weekend!

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