Unbelievable ! You Can Listen To Music By Putting Your Sunglasses On !

Sunglasses that plays music

Sunglasses that plays music – Music can be one thing that connects well to our heart and soul.

The instrumental beats of the songs could give instant relief whenever faced with the stressed situations. In the innovative times, there are various things invaded, but what if you can hear your favorite songs just by wearing quirky sunglasses? Yes, Sunglasses that plays music !

Imagine the gadget world where you don’t have to struggle for carrying 10 different gadgets and everything just accommodates in one and fits your needs

Sunglasses that plays music –


The company named Zungle helps you to hear music playlists just by wearing sunglasses. Good news for the gadget and stylish lovers is that the sunglasses are apt in picking up phone calls also. The wireless thing could make our life hassle free one.  The small instrument apt with technology does not require you to carry any kind of wires. The 4 hour battery life allows you to nonstop music. The best part it does only takes one hour to sufficiently charge. This one of a kind of innovation is truly a one of kind to music lovers. The model comes with the charger and light weighed nature makes it easy to carry anywhere. Easy usb code does allow you to plug and play easily. The quirky style of sunglasses would ease

Sound clarity:-

Best part is the clarity of the sound and at same time being amazingly stylish. The attached bone conduction speakers allow to easily hearing music through sound waves to the inner ear.

Estimated price and release date:-

The company is assuring that the product will be delivered by May 2017. It is said that the retail price of the product is $150, on pre-ordering the product $119 and extra $15 shipping charges will be caused. It is said that the vibrations of ear and can hear a sound.

Wow truly amazing can’t wait to get hold of this, super stylish and multipurpose sunglasses. Thankfully these glasses are completely water proof and can play music for 4 hours when it is charged fully.

Sunglasses that plays music –

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