Korean TV Shows Are Becoming The Rage Among Indian Audiences, Know the Reasons Why

Korean TV Shows

Korean TV Shows – Change is inevitable so we sought some relief from the gooey Indian family rejoinders and resorted to much rooted Pakistani television series.

We loved them so much that a certain Indian channel routinely started to telecast them and the audience list grew by leaps and bounds. Then, Netflix happened which allowed us access to myriad American tele-series that serve nutrients for brain. Think deeply, what we actually seek in the television series, a relatable problem and the protagonist characters solving them like a cakewalk so that we can derive some mental pleasure.

If we told you Korean TV Shows have more features like fashion, sex, drama, humour and even mermaids and ghosts. Don’t believe us? Read on why they are brewing storm in teacups now.

Korean TV Shows –

1. They give a whole new spin to the idea of television sitcoms:

Korean television series is from no which angle similar to Korean movies or foreign language films, they are way ahead. They will actually hold you hostage to a new world from which there will be no exit route. Actually, you won’t want to get out too. The characters, the treatment everything will feel like you are seeing your own life on screen. It’s amazing to see how they make do with such measly production budget, may be the scenic beauty of the shooting locations just fills the volume. Whatever may be the case, you will be in for a great viewing experience.

2. Their plot lines are unique and chokingly original:

You will see a mermaid coming back to life after ages to reunite with her love and being haunted by the same enemies who were instrumental after her ill-fate, or a goblin who has been ‘cursed’ to be immortal will be saved by his bride who narrowly escaped a death curse by uprooting the sword that is struck in his heart, or a CEO of a company who is trying to comprehend the fundamental cause of his mental illness while having Schizophrenia and falling in love with his psychiatrist, or a ghost of a young woman possessing a timid boy who seeks to resolute her incomplete business.

3. You will get everything fresh:

It’s like a farmer’s market, everything is organic, unique and fresh that the dramas will serve you. Your quench for fairy tell, quirk, humour, fashion everything will be satiated, take note!

4. They will never bore you:

They are not yawn inducing as being unapologetically experimental. They will not limit themselves in one genre and inundate you with comedy, romance, action, melodrama, supernatural, sex, thrill, just name it buoy!

5. The old ones are true gold:

Here is a piece of advice, if you are a Kdrama virgin, we suggest you to start from the 1990s series. These might look a little garish to begin with but the humour quotient will always be high.

6. You will explore South Korea without visiting it physically:

Watching the Kdramas will be a whirlwind ride across South Korean cultural scene where you will come in contact with their language, food, customs, lifestyle etc. You will have a love affair with Korea and even start understanding their language. Beat that!

7. Period pieces are worth selling your soul for:

If you a GOT watcher, you are going to love (in all caps) the period dramas of Korea. Their extravaganza will drop your jaw and of course, you will crave for more.

8. They are short and crisp:

Of course, you won’t have to sit through 1000 episodes to know who is the killer or why the on earth the Bahu became a housefly. The Korean dramas are 16-20 episodes long, well most of them and you will still feel drawn towards the characters, like completely love-struck.

These are Korean TV Shows – We give two thumbs up to these cutesy television dramas and completely urge you to give them a shot. Try to not get addicted, open challenge!

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