Real Life Lessons To Be Learnt And Implemented From These Bindaas Bollywood Babes

We take a look at a few feminine characters from Bollywood, every new age girl, could take inspiration from.

So much is our fascination for Bollywood that we never fail to talk about our favourite movie or star even when we are in a formal meeting. Considered as one of those things, that influences the Indian youth to a great extent, Bollywood, since its inception, has had extraordinary female characters that have been highly inspiring.

We talk of modern age girl and her aspirations. Bollywood, however, has believed in the freedom and struggle of women since its inception days. We take a look at a few feminine characters from Bollywood, every new age girl, could take inspiration from.

1. Rani in Queen

All set for her wedding, when her fiance cancels on her, on the grounds of they being totally different people, Rani, a small town girl, goes on her honeymoon all alone, despite the tragic heartbreak. She explores, enjoys, learns and changes into a totally different and confident woman who then on, wants to live life on her own conditions and follow her dreams of becoming a chef.

2. Leela in Goliyon ki raas leela- Ram Leela

Leela’s story is not set as a modern age girl. Back in time, when a remote village in Gujarat had seen hard core regionalism, there was a girl who ended up falling in love with a man from the enemy clan. Bold, care-free yet loving, Leela who loves her family immensely has the courage to stand up against them, when they stop her from marrying the man she is in love with, only because his belongs to the enemy clan.

3. Rajjo in Gulab Gang

Rajjo runs a learning centre in Madhopur. Only this learning centre is a little different from the others. Here little girls are educated, and grown ups are taught how to yield a ‘lathi’. Her ‘gulab’ gang comprises of women who wear pink clothes, and stand up for the weak and downtrodden women of the village and nearby areas. They fight their husbands, cops and politicians for their freedom and identity.

4. Vidya in Kahaani

She broke down when her husband was killed in a terrorist attack in India. She had lost all she had- her husband and her unborn child. But she stood up and fought back only to trap her husband’s murderers and punish them herself. The story ends on the ninth day of the famous Durga Puja, which is why Vidya is compared to Durga, who brings an end to evil.

5. Sashi in English Vinglish

Sashi is just another home maker like a number of women. She lives, works and even breathes only for her family, which comprises of her husband, two children and her mother in law. The family in return loves her and ‘taunts’ her for not knowing English, most of the times they are in a conversation. On a trip to New York, she works hard to learn the language and earns her much-deserved respect in the family.

6. Michelle in Black

Michelle, a girl who is dumb, deaf and blind by birth, is taught to live her life and feel the goodness of every moment by the teacher. They, however are not in contact by the time she grew up. Yet when time comes, Michelle gives her mentor what he gave her, as a child- the goodness of life and freedom from deep frustration.

7. Meera and Zeenat in Dor

When Zeenat’s husband ends up killing Meera’s in Dubai, Zeenat sets out all alone to get a Maafinama (Statement of forgiveness) signed by a person she has never known (the Dubai government would release the culprit if the victim’s wife forgave him), and is not even sure about where she lives. Zeenat had married her husband, against the wishes of her family and hence, had no support when misfortune was at her door. Yet she emerges successful.

Meera, on the other hand is the underage daughter in law of a Rajput family in Rajasthan, who, after her husband dies mysteriously in Dubai, is taunted all the time for bringing ill fate and a lifetime of sufferings to the family. Her father in law even ‘sells’ her to a builder in return to keep the haveli with him. On meeting each other Meera learns the spirit of freedom and independence from Zeenat and breaks free from the irrelevant boundaries of her post marriage life.

8. Pooja in Arth

Pooja, a loving housewife is betrayed by her husband for another woman who is an actress and has fame. Her struggle to get back on track and fight all odds to lead an independent and successful life is worth learning from. The movie was made back in the eighties, which also shows that people were pretty much aware of the identity of a woman then as well.

9. Usha in Bhumika: The Role

Bhumika was probably the first Bollywood movie which opened the gates of revolution in the Indian Cinema and managed to reach the audience like never before. The protagonist starts her life as a child artiste and later becomes a successful actress, but at the cost of no one being there to share her fame and happiness with. The movie throws light on the hidden side of fame and how a woman struggles her way through.

I have quite often heard people saying that the real world is totally different from the movie world. But none of these characrters had anything, which the real world women don’t. The only thing that you need to have is the spirit and believing in self attitude. And the world is yours.

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