Guru Pournima: Let Us All Bow Down To Our Most Revered Guru Google!


On this pious occasion of Guru Pournima, let’s all come together to bow down to our most revered Guru… Google!

We start with this most heartfelt Aarti, offered to our Guru Google Dev.

“Om Jai Google Deva..

Swami Jai Google Deva..

Tum Hi Batao Tumri..

Aap hi batao Aap Ki…

Kaise Karein Seva…


Om Jai Google Deva…

Tum ne hi hum ko GENIUS banaaya…

Saara world ghar se hi dikhaaya…

We are so indebted to you ever…

Om Jai Google Deva!”

And with this, we admit, that we are so in the awe of our respected teacher Guru Google Dev!

And why not indeed?? Google has “Gyan” on everything for everyone.

May you be a 5 year kid, you can actually learn how to eat your cereal without letting it fall on your clothes.

Or if you are a 70 yr old person, you can gain knowledge on how to cure your varied ailments.

In fact, you don’t even have to visit a doctor, just try all the remedies available on Google, given by the “Experts” … of course, at your own risk.

And Google has all the qualities that a Teacher should have too. Here is what I can think of:

  • A Teacher should be good at explaining things to others. And Google excels at that. It not only explains you, but gives you so many options. You want to know about soft drinks and it will give you 100 different views on it. Even your regular Teacher can’t do that.
  • A Teacher should be enthusiastic!! And Google is definitely enthusiastic, in fact its overenthusiastic. Before you even finish asking your questions, Google is jumping up and down trying to finish your question with a “Do you mean…” and giving you 10 options too. Sometimes you end up changing your question coz the other option sounded a lot better.
  • And like any good teacher, Google also has a strong knowledge in the subject areas. In fact, it has so much knowledge that you can spend your life researching just one subject. You want to know about Milk and Google will tell you how Cows are born too!!! The only person who has more knowledge than Google is probably your wife (okay, okay, ladies, don’t beat me up for that :P)
  • And finally, like every good Teacher, even Google is calm under pressure. You might get frustrated because you aren’t getting what you are looking for, but Google will keep directing you to different options. Seek and thou shall receive, sounds like its motto.

At the end of it, one has to wonder why send your child to school anyways, when such an efficient teacher like Google is already in your house.

Just stop paying those fees and start paying for a high speed internet connection instead.

Once day, your child might even pass out with flying colours from the IIN University Jhumritalaya.

Like the wise men said:

“Google Bramha Google Vishnu

Google Devo Maheshwaraha

Google Sakshat ParaBramha

Tasmai Shri Googleye Namah”

May you all have a strong Internet Connection, Always!!

Disclaimer: Any offence meant to IIN Univ or any Teacher or anyone’s wife, is highly regretted. BRB Busy looking up different ways to apologize to someone … on Google 😉

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