Addiction to iPhone – Watch Out For These Signs To Know More

iPhone addiction is a common issue and many people do deny it. Nevertheless, look for these signs to know if you are an iPhone addict.

It is no secret that an iPhone is people’s one of most valued possessions.

The device is expensive and the features it comes with makes life easier. Nevertheless, it is also addictive and can adversely affect the users in the manner in which they behave and live their life.

Obviously, an addict to whatever subject of discussion would initially reject obsession outright. If you are not sure whether you are addicted to your iPhone, look for the following signs –


You Have Your iPhone with You 24/7


You carry your phone with you everywhere, literally. You sleep with your iPhone beside you. Chances are that you even carry your phone while taking a dump. You may want to listen to songs while you shower. Yes, you carry your phone in the shower too.


All Your Email Responses Go Through Your iPhone


Whenever someone receives an email response, it ends with the message “sent from iPhone”. Even your Facebook statuses and Twitter tweets go from your iPhone.


You Appear Frenzied When You Do Not Have Your iPhone


You need your phone at all times. When you do not have it, you think about all the updates that you might have missed during the course of the day.


You Do Not Trust Others with Your iPhone


You think a thousand times before handing your iPhone to someone else, even if it is your best friend. Your phone is your child and you want everyone to treat it with care.


A Scratch on the Phone’s Screen is Your Worst Nightmare


You find yourself gasping for air when your phone’s screen has a scratch on it. Who did this, is the first question you ask because you know that the way you care for your phone, you could not have scratched the screen.


You Multitask All the Time


You know you can multitask and you engage in the practice regardless of whether you are crossing the road or walking around office or the college campus.


Switching Off the Phone is Not an Option


You never turn off your iPhone. The only time you do that is when you are in an airplane. You immediately turn it on once you are sure of it being safe.

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