This Can Happen To You In A Big Hospital! Beware! – A Shocking Story


So you are very responsible and take utmost really care when it comes to choosing a health facility for yourself or your family! Right?

Well, almost everyone does that!

Health is the first priority of every individual!

We just cannot display negligence with such sensitive matter where the price that we might have to pay, could be our life!

But, do the renowned, overrated and high priced and medical facilities that we choose in order to get the best medical supervision and treatments, commit the same responsibility and integrity to us?

The answer is No, not all the time!

Today we are presenting a real time story here which will bring the dark realities and medical treatment scams of such five star medical institutions to you.

Meenal Mehta is working in the High Executive Position of  a big corporate house and is earning good salary package! Her father got severe stroke and Meenal immediately took him to the biggest and most renowned Heart Care Centre in the city. After around 1 whole day of getting her father admitted to the hospital, Meenal was ripped off of around 5 lakh rupees and still her father could not be saved! He was declared dead after around 29 hours and the hospital bills were presented to her for immediate payments!

Now, know the reality!

Meenal’s father had already passed away, while he was being transported to the hospital. It was only after preliminary examination, the senior doctor, who also happened to be on the management panel of that hospital, planned a strategy on how not to let this case get away without making some commercial gains out of it.

A long list of imported and other medicines was handed over to Meenal to be purchased from the hospital’s registered pharmacy! A name of some fancy high profile heart specialist was also given in writing that he would come to take over the treatment and the surgery if the need be, and that he charges a good few lakh of rupees!

The medicines that costed a few thousand rupees were brought from the pharmacy and handed over to the doctor’s team, which, right the next moment, through the back door, went back to the pharmacy!

The specialist surgeon came, did his examination and went away (of course he would also have a share in what Meenal was being ripped). His bill of few lakh rupees was handed over to Meenal which of course she paid!

All this was being organised and manipulated over her father’s dead body!

How crude and shameful is that?

Have the doctors, whom we keep on a pedestal next to God, stooped to such levels of immoral acts just to make a few extra bucks?

The fact that Meenal’s father died before being admitted to hospital came out in open, from the death certificate that was handed over to the family, much after all the last rituals were performed and the hospital bills were settled too. Such certificates are presented by a different department of the hospital and they had put the actual day and time of death on the certificate. The time noted was a different time other than what was told to the family, and which the fraudulent team of doctor’s had forgotten to take care of!

It came as an utter shock to Meenal!

She has filed a lawsuit in sessions court against the hospital and is fighting it with all her conviction!

We just want to ask few simple questions here, could you be Meenal?

This may have happened to one of us and we are not even aware of?

Are these five star hospitals making most of their money like this only?

Is there a way out?

How do we make sure that we and our health are in the right hands?

If you have any answers, please do share!

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