“How To Troll” Tutorial By Vir Das Is The Best Thing You’ll See On The Internet Today!


Those who are active on social media sites by now knows  the internet is full of anonymous cowards who feel trolling and abusing others is the smartest thing they can ever do in their life.

Hiding behind keyboards, these trolls think they are the perfect human being and thus have all the rights to judge others and well, they won’t even shy away from calling you the most derogatory term on earth.

But then they say freedom of speech right?

What is the mission of these trolls?

You say anything that they don’t agree with, you’ll be called anti-national and well, you must go to Pakistan. They will threaten you. And dare you speak on controversial subjects, you’ll end up trending on top.

But hey, these trolls are for making India a better place no? Because, in their eyes, they are the most intelligent creature on earth.

Thank you trolls you have made social media sites the most positive place on earth.

This video by Vir Das is definitely one of the most hilarious yet sarcastic thing you’ll see today.

In Vir Das words, “A video dedicated to Internet Trolls of all shapes and sizes. Thank you for your daily abuse, your hollow threats, your blatant sexism, and your beautifully funny hatred”.

To anyone who has ever been trolled, the shame is not yours, but these trolls.

Forgive them, because these trolls have nothing better to do in life than to spread negativity and hatred.

Rise above these trolls, and remember anything and everything you say will be judged so better avoid these trolls and negative elements and trust me you’ll be at a happier place.

More power to all, who ever felt down because of some cowards who hide behind anonymous names and hidden identity.

Take a bow Vir Das, thank you for speaking our mind!

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