Who Is The Best Dad: Shahrukh Khan Or Barack Obama?

This is about a survey done by matrimonial website, Shaadi.com among Indians. Results show Shahrukh as best Indian dad, however, globally, Barack Obama wins the poll.

Shahrukh Khan and Barack Obama!

Both are poles apart, both from different fields.

The only similarity is that they are the respective Kings of their games!

So, to compete with each other is an exciting proposition in itself. Be it for any reason. Trust the Indian brain, it can put apples and oranges in stark comparison, these are still two normal human beings!

This is what happened when an Indian matrimony website, Shaadi.com conducted a survey among 5500 respondents to find out who is the ‘Most Popular Father’. Indian women voted King Khan hands down as the ‘Most Popular Father’, given his doting love for his three kids. He got a whopping 42.5% votes! Even Sachin Tendulkar was left way behind with 36.9% votes followed by baap of all, Amitabh Bachchan with 20.6% votes.

SRK even won the title to the ‘Most Admired Father-Daughter Relationship’ by getting 43.2% vote share for his love for his daughter, Suhana! Now that does say a lot about Shahrukh’s family-man appeal among his fans, isn’t it?

However, when they were asked to vote for “Most Admired Dad” amongst various fathers from all across the globe, that is where the US President Barack Obama scored the brownie points with as many as 40.4% votes! This would definitely make Obama a very happy man. Now, whether he is doing anything right for the betterment of his country and the world at large or not, at least he is doing something right at home. Fair enough, got to settle his home first, then think about the country!

Coming back to Shahrukh, his love for his children and family is well known. Every other day we get to read his tweets or watch him play with his kids in pictures splashed in various tabloids. He surely understands growing up and leaving behind the scandalistic link-ups for the sheer pleasure that fatherhood brings with it. Unlike many of his contemporaries who stay in the news with their link-ups and affairs, Shahrukh is in the news for love for his children. Even if he gets a day’s break from his hectic schedule, he spends it with his youngest son, AbRam! Not only that, he shares the details with the whole world through his social pages.

But does that mean he is getting old?

Kind of uncool? Is he leaping towards becoming a Father Figure for the country?

Nah, Not at all!!

In fact far from it! He might get older with age but his zest for life and un-ending energy levels will make sure that we will always find the zany youngster-at-heart in him, alive and kicking! Just like his excited recent tweet about enjoying the Football World Cup action! Isn’t that cool?

Congrats Shahrukh for this love from your fans, keep loving and caring for your children.

But don’t forget that we always want to see you romancing and dancing and singing even when you become a granddad!


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