The Great Indian Tamasha Enjoyed By The Spectators

A Girl Abuses A Man Who Molested Her In A Flight

In recent case, where a girl took a video of abusing a man who misbehaved with her in a flight, if you look at the co-passengers, everyone is actually enjoying the sight as if there is a show going on. All they want to do is to be a mere spectator and pass judgement on the transpiring event.

Watching this over-hyped video, I would like to bring the light on the spectators who were an amazing muted audience for the scene.

I would like to ask the girl, how many of them actually stood up for her in the fight.

Watch the video once again and notice the spectators.

How many spectators you see in the video?

The whole country was outraged and people from all walks of life jolted on the streets to oppose the 16th December rape case. Every person disparaged the heinous crime committed by a group of men on a 24-year-old woman. Much to our surprise, many people who ignored both the victims when they were crying for help may be the part of the whole rally. The irony is there are a number of people who are against eve-teasing but they may serve as a fuel to the fire to the whole situation. While the girl with all courage raises the voice against eve-teasing in public, many people just witness it as television soap.

If a girl raises her voice against an eve teaser, people judge a girl blaming her about bad upbringing or arrogant behaviour. Even if a girl is being molested, according to them they find it a girl’s mistake.

There have been so many incidents where people who witness the scene, simply enjoy the moment and just walk away. They don’t even bother to help or take a stand for the girl. Some girls who are unable to voice out there anger are unfortunately stopped by such groups of people.

Then there are a group of people who love adding spice to the situation so that they can enjoy the most out of it. Having a personal experience, there are people who just provoke anger of the girls by giving them an advice of hitting the accused person. My great advise to them will be, “Aap rehne dijiye, aapse na ho paega”.

What they expect of the whole scene is to be aired on a channel. So rather than helping a girl to fight against the roadside romeos, they have such lovely ideas to do away with.

So people, no matter how many candles you burn for a protest and support the cause, it will never help until and unless you join the voice of the girl rather than enjoying and making fun of the sad situation!

If you can help then stop else do mind your steps!

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